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Joe Biden: Thoughts About His Hair Transplants

November 5th, 2011 by Dr. Lam

Joe Biden:  Thoughts About His Hair Transplants Obviously, there are many examples of bad hair transplants out there.  I thought I would blog briefly about what is going on with Joe Biden’s hair-transplant result.  Although his hair transplant was done during the era of “plug” grafts, the reason that his hair transplant does not look more »

Jude Laws Central Forelock

September 18th, 2011 by Dr. Lam

Jude Law’s Central Forelock The actor Jude Law has significant hair loss but does not seem that bald in appearance simply because he has a relatively strong retained central forelock. (I believe he has had a hair transplant by the way.)   As a reminder, the central forelock is the tuft of hair that sits more »

Tony Horton from P90X and the Problem of Ongoing Hair Loss in the Temples Combined with a Hairpiece First of all, let me get this out of the way, I love Tony Horton; and I love P90X, which I completed in March of this year.  Recently, I attended a live training session that he conducted more »

Jamie Foxx:  Designing an African-shaped Hairline Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant looks natural and appropriate for his ethnicity.  When designing hairlines for a person, it is important to consider that individual’s ethnicity and gender.  For African-American hairlines, the shape is oftentimes square even despite ongoing aging.  Clearly with hair loss, there is a blunting or loss more »

Elton John’s Hairpiece

July 1st, 2011 by Dr. Lam

Elton John’s Hairpiece Hairpieces, wigs, caps, and hair systems come in all shapes, sizes, and quality.  Sir Elton is clearly enamored with his hairpiece most likely because his hair loss is extensive enough that a hair transplant would not be able to fix the problem with sufficient cosmetic density for him. Someone with a Norwood 6 more »

Matt Lauer Would Benefit from Rebuilding His Posterior Lateral Humps As a studious observer of celebrity hair transplants, I remember a couple of years ago looking at Matt Lauer conducting an interview in which his bald crown was exposed. The area known as the posterior lateral hump (side temporal hair) has fallen since his previous more »

Jeremy Piven’s Hair Transplant Donor Scars Unfortunately, bad hair transplants make everyone fearful.  Bad scars are no exception.  This photograph of Jeremy Piven’s scar (the actor from Entourage) has certainly raised quite a bit of attention.  It compels me to write about why good harvesting techniques should avoid a scar that looks as bad as more »