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By Emina Karamanovski Often times I get asked what is the newest thing in hair restoration. There are two major progresses made in the last ten years. One helped improve the density and naturalness of the transplanted hair, and the other improved scarring in the donor area. Progressively, we started trimming extra tissue off of more »

Why I Do Not Charge Per Graft for My Hair Transplant ServicesOne of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is “How much do you charge per graft?”  The answer is that I don’t, which usually puzzles my patients to no end (Please review our hair transplant cost page for additional information) I decided more »

The Principle of Convergence:  How to Leverage Grafts in Hair Transplantation In the past two years I have made a small but significant modification to my hair transplant work that I would like to share with my prospective and established patients.  The concept is convergence and how to place grafts especially toward the midline of more »

Hair Transplant for the Crown Part 5:  Creating the Right Pattern and Density Allocation To conclude this blog article series on crown hair restoration, we leave the most complicated part to the end.  This article combines much of the knowledge that has been presented in the first four parts of this article series into a more »

Designing a Temporal Point in Hair Restoration: Why, In Whom, and How? The temporal point has become a much-vaulted point of discussion in many of the recent International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) meetings.  When discussing the temporal point, the conversation is reserved here for men, as women typically do not have a pronounced more »

Handling Tissues Gently in Hair Restoration

April 26th, 2011 by Dr. Lam

Handling Tissues Gently in Hair Restoration My mentor always taught me, “Sam, no amount of ice can replace the gentle hand of a surgeon.”  Those words have remained fixed in my mind every time I approach a patient and his/her tissues.  Training for many years as a surgeon, I saw the full gamut of surgeons more »

Vertex Transition Zone: Why It is Important and What Does it Mean The vertex transition zone (VTZ), or vertex transition point, can also be thought of as the posterior “hairline” in that it forms the transition from the flat, horizontal midscalp and the vertical plane of the crown.  As a reminder, the anterior hairline, or more »

Why Interlocking Is So Important in Making Recipient Sites for Hair Transplants There are so many aspects to making excellent recipient sites during a hair-transplant procedure including angle, tilt, direction, pattern, density, etc.  We will just focus on one aspect:  interlocking.  As a reminder to the general reader, recipient sites are the “holes” that are more »

The Role of Tumescence in Hair Restoration:  A Ship at High Tide All donor closures are not the same, nor is all donor hair harvesting.  What is a prerequisite to good donor harvesting and closures is excellent tumescence.  Tumescence refers to the injection of fluid under the skin the area for donor harvesting and closure more »

Regions of the Head for Hair Transplant Part 4 of 4:  The Crown The final area of the scalp that I am going to address is the crown.  It is also known as the vertex.  Some surgeons differentiate between the two terms, but I personally think that the two should be synonymous.  The crown rests more »