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My New Hair Book, Hair Transplant 101, Just Came Out!

I am proud to announce that my 9th hair transplant textbook, Hair Transplant 101, was just released at the end of July 2023 by the amazing publisher Quality Medical Publishing (QMP). This new book follows on the heels of my last textbook that came out April 2022, which is the world’s largest and most encyclopedic […]

Dr. Lam Best Doctors by D Magazine 2023

Dr. Lam was recently honored for being one of the best doctors in Dallas by D Magazine in the 2023 edition. He was voted by his peers and he has never solicited votes on his own behalf. This is an unpaid honor.

The Hair Genome Test

This podcast is on the hair genome test that I’ve been doing now and I really do like it and also I don’t like it. There is a role for it and I try to use it in a way that would be helpful for my patients. So, what this test involves is a questionnaire […]

2022 “The Golden Follicle Award” awarded to Samuel M. Lam, MD, FISHRS

Read the Press Release

Dr. Lam’s Interview for National Hair Day

Watch Dr. Lam’s interview for National Hair Day on ABC News WFAA8 this morning

Vice President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas Hair Transplant Surgeon, is proud to announce that he has been elected to be Vice President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only board certification for the discipline of hair transplant surgery in the world. He has served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, World Website […]

Hair Transplant 360 Course in St Louis, Missouri

Dr. Sam Lam has just completed his Hair Transplant 360 Course in St Louis, Missouri, where he has served as director now for 11 years. Here are some reviews and photos from the event.            

Did you wait too long to do something about your hair loss? Megasession Hair Transplant may be the perfect solution for you!

What is a megasession? A typical hair transplant restores 1,500 – 2,000 grafts and covers either the frontal or crown area. A megasession hair transplant describes a transplant of 3,000 hair grafts or more. The goal of a megasession transplant is to provide adequate hair density over a broad area of the head to a […]

Dr. Lam Quoted in “Rocketman” Article

Dallas Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam is quoted about hair transplant and hairpieces for Elton John in conjunction with the release of the movie Rocketman. Read the article.

Quoted in The Daily Beast again about Trump’s hair and his use of Propecia

Higher Standards of Seeing Hair Transplants: Sylvester Stallone and the movie Creed

Many patients are justly worried that they could look fake after a hair transplant given the long legacy of plugs, scars, toupees, and a host of other bad hair transplant results that have scared off the public. That is one of the reasons why I have filmed so many videos in close-up HD to show […]

Crown Hair Transplant Strategies: New Thinking in the Past Two Years

There is not a day that goes by without my thinking or rethinking or innovating something. I am very passionate about making everything better and even when I think I can’t make it better I try to think how I could be wrong. Everything from the patient experience to the patient outcome is integral to […]

Scarring Series: FUE Scars (How To Avoid Them and How to Manage Them)

FUE has been touted to be “scarless”, which is patently false. There are scars but if done well should be very hard to detect even with closely cropped hair. That is the real advantage of FUE, i.e., hair can be worn very closely shorn and in most cases the tiny white dots (the scars) cannot […]

Scarring Series: FUT Scars (How To Avoid Them and How to Manage Them)

Unfortunately, scarring in the donor incision following hair transplant surgery has become a touchpoint of marketing hype on the Internet to scare people away from the linear strip procedure. I am very saddened by this because scars are not unique to FUT procedures. In fact, on a weekly basis I see horrible FUE scars from […]

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant, Jewelry and Beauty

The Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant requires a different set or procedures and techniques than female to male transgender hair transplantation. There are differences in the hairline of men and women and often male pattern baldness needs to be addressed. In previous years the Male to Female (MTF) Transgender Transplant had to be performed using a […]

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Dallas

Some people are born with naturally sparse eyebrows, while others may lose eyebrows due to illness, surgery, skin conditions, trauma or over plucking. Today thick eyebrows are making a statement in magazines and on screen, which can make those with sparse or completely lost eyebrow hair feel even more self-conscious. Dr. Sam Lam offers Eyebrow Hair […]

Before and After Hair Restoration Photos

Beautiful girl breathing and smiling on the beach

One of the biggest tools you can use when considering hair restoration options is looking at before and after photos patients who had similar hair loss issues to see what procedure that patient had performed. Looking at Before and After Hair Restoration Photos can also help give you a move realistic idea of the results possible. It […]

Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant, Jewelry and Beauty

Transgender Hair Transplant is a different type of hair transplant, with its own unique set of challenges, than traditional hair transplantation due to hair loss. Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas requires both artistic and technical skills to achieve the desired MTF (Male to Female) or FTM (Female to Male) results. The first key to achieving a successful […]

Hair Transplant Dallas

Portrait close up of a beautiful smiling girl with nice hair

When people think of a hair loss they typically think of men, however, many women also experience hair loss. When women experience hair loss, it is often traumatic and hits their self-confidence hard. Many women pride themselves on their hair. Dr. Lam understands the delicate landscape of female hair loss and restoration. He has helped many […]

Hair Loss Disorders Dallas

There are several different kinds of hair loss conditions and disorders that affect men and woman all across the world. It can be devastating dealing with hair loss at any age whether from common issues like male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, or less common conditions such as Alopecia, Anagen Effluvium, Telogen Effluvium, Tinea […]


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