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Crown (Vertex) Hair Restoration

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Crown (or vertex) hair restoration represents one of the most technically challenging areas to reconstruct for a host of reasons. First, the natural whorl, or spiral, pattern of hair in the crown region of the scalp must be meticulously recreated (Quicktime | Windows Media) in which every hair angle matches the existing hair and blends seamlessly toward the outer fringes to the sides and as the hair transitions forward to the midscalp (vertex transition point). Second, the hair must be tightly interlocked to achieve the greatest amount of hair density, especially in the upper arc of hair where the hair cascades over the other hairs in the crown. Judicious graft selection and placement will afford the optimal result without wastage of follicular grafts. Finally, the canvas of the crown region can be ever changing with the risk of further hair recession: medical management with FDA-approved solutions can help to stabilize, reverse, or slow down further hair loss in this region.

We offer four stages of hair restoration according to the number of hairs needed to be restored. Each stage has a range of numbers from low to high reflecting variations in one’s natural hair density.

Stage 1 (1000-1600 hairs)
Stage 2 (1600-2800 hairs)
Stage 3 (2800-3900 hairs)
Stage 4 (3900-5200 hairs)

Patient 51

Crown (Vertex) Hair Restoration
Crown (Vertex) Hair Restoration
Case #20636 - Crown (Vertex) Hair Restoration

Patient age 49, Stage 3, One session, 1 year after hair transplant

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