Facial Hair Transplant Photos - Case #84962

Patient Case #84962

This 40-year-old gentleman is shown before and after a beard-to-beard FUE hair transplant to fix a patch of hair loss caused by an inappropriate chin implant performed elsewhere. He also had beard hairs placed to thicken his beard and mustache. A beard transplant using beard hairs is a very sophisticated and technically challenging procedure that spares shaving the scalp as well as risk of donor depletion from the scalp. It also allows matching exact proper hair caliber and curl, as beard hairs are a perfect match for beard hair loss, also leaving behind minimal risk of changes of skin color even in darker skin types unlike scalp FUE harvesting. Of note, Dr. Lam performs all of his own FUE harvesting himself as well as recipient site creation. He does not delegate any of these critical tasks out to third party, unlicensed individuals like in the Black Market of the hair industry.


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