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Our Difference

At the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, we recognize that you have a choice in who provides you with your hair transplant results. We take a lot of pride in what we do every day, and we thought it would be important for us to explain to you what sets us apart from other providers in the field.

1. Safety & Comfort

Safety & ComfortFirst and foremost, we are focused on your safety and your comfort. It may seem trivial to discuss these matters if all you want is a result but we believe that the experience is as important as your results, and we relentlessly strive to improve that experience every day, every month, and every year.

Although we may take extra steps in preparing you for your procedure, we believe that your safety is our number one concern. Unlike the vast majority of hair restoration clinics that are entirely office-based, we are an accredited surgical facility through the Joint Commission, which certifies hospitals across the world. That means we hold a very rigorous standard of safety that has a direct impact on you.

Because we are Joint-Commission accredited, we can offer you Level 2 Conscious Sedation for your procedure, which means an unparalleled level of comfort during your procedure. First, numbing the transplanted area is necessary for the procedure and could be uncomfortable and sometimes the entire experience could be very traumatic. The sedation we provide virtually eliminates any discomfort associated with the numbing process. As you may need future hair transplants because hair loss often progresses, we believe that your favorable experience will make it easier for you to have another procedure as opposed to the fear and trepidation of many patients who have been treated elsewhere, i.e. anesthetized without sedation. . Second, the sedation we provide significantly diminishes the attendant anxiety that is natural for anyone undergoing a hair transplant procedure. In addition, since you are gently sedated, the procedure feels much shorter in time, as a quality hair transplant procedure can take all day to complete. We like to say it feels as if you flew from Dallas to New York rather than from Dallas to Dubai.

2. Passion & Artistry

Passion & ArtistryPassion is the word that describes what we do. You should be able to feel our passion and commitment from the consultation all the way through to the after care. Artistry is a reflection of that passion. In short, we have fun every day we go to work. Artistry means the aesthetic eye and ability to create the right hairline that fits your facial shape, gender, age, degree of hair loss, ethnicity, donor availability, etc. It means creating recipient sites (into which your hairs are placed) of the right size, angle, direction, and density gradient that leads to the best final results for you. You cannot underestimate how important an artistic eye and hand are when creating a natural and visually dense result that will age well for you. Without artistry, the hair grafts will not be optimally placed and will not result in desired naturalness and density. That is why there are so many videos on this website dedicated to discussing in intricate detail how and why we design what we design. It is not a peripheral element but a core to what we do. Artistry also means creativity. Creativity involves how to maximally leverage one’s grafts. It also means how to solve difficult problems in complicated cases. The creative and artistic thought processes that we engage in directly affect your results. Please review the revision cases on this website to see how we handle very difficult scenarios that lie beyond the scope of experience for many others.

3. Precision

PrecisionArtistry is great, but without technical precision, results are inconsistent at best and disastrous at worst. Dr. Lam’s precision comes through expert graft harvesting and is also expressed in his excellent recipient-site design. However, it is not enough for you to have a great surgeon. In the field of hair restoration, the assistants involved in the team are of equal importance.

Graft dissection and handling, if improperly performed by the assistant team, can lead to dried out grafts that can in turn directly compromise survival — even 3 minutes of drying time can lead to irreversible graft death. If the grafts are squeezed during graft handling or placement, the grafts can be permanently damaged. If the graft is placed at an inappropriate depth, the graft will fall inward and create a visible pit in the skin. If the graft is placed more than 1 mm above the surrounding skin, the graft can either cause a cobblestoned appearance or outright die. If the natural hair curl is not placed in the right direction, the hair will not look natural and will be difficult to style. If the graft does not fit the site properly like a hand in a glove, then the graft can be compressed (look pluggy), or even cause ingrown hairs. There are so many more points here and these only cover a few of the many aspects of what can go wrong just by virtue of having an inexperienced or improperly trained assistant team.

4. Ethics

EthicsMany clinics are looking for the quick dollar and do not think about your long-term safety or success. You may only meet with a salesperson and not even meet your surgeon until the day of the procedure. You may receive relentless calls that seek to compel you to have the surgery. You will meet with Dr. Lam during your consultation along with his hair transplant coordinator, Emina Vance, and not be sold a procedure but you will be educated about your options. We will discuss pros and cons to each option and develop a plan for hair restoration for that would work for you. You will not be harassed by follow-up phone calls unless you call us first.

Dr. Lam rejects approximately a third of his prospective patients because they are not suitable candidates for hair transplant. It is so important to know when to say no and not just yes. Performing a surgery on an unsuitable candidate may be due to either a physician’s unethical approach or to simple inexperience. We do not accept either of these excuses. Carefully explaining the risks, benefits, and limitations of every procedure and rejecting you if you are an unsuitable candidate are critical elements for your benefit.

5. Leadership & Education

Leadership & EducationAs mentioned, we believe that education is key. We believe that every opportunity that we meet with you should be a focus on excellent education so that you are better aware of your choices, your options, and what we recommend and do not recommend for you. As part of that education, it is important that we are also educated. Dr. Lam attends multiple meetings a year related to hair restoration and so does his hair coordinator Emina. If we are not educated, we cannot educate you. The landscape of hair surgery quickly evolves from month to month and from year to year. Without attending educational conferences, we believe we are not offering you the most state-of-the-art solutions possible.

Besides learning during these educational seminars, Dr. Lam and Emina also both teach at numerous conferences. Dr. Lam and Emina have run one of the most respected hands-on hair transplant courses in the world and have done this every year now for a decade, training physicians and assistants from across the world. They are both actively involved as well with the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in leadership capacities. Dr. Lam has run multiple workshops for the ISHRS, has been an oral examiner and written protocol author for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), and has chaired committees for both the ISHRS and ABHRS. Emina, winner of the Distinguished Assistant Award by the ISHRS, has also developed innovative new teaching strategies for which she has been recognized and has run both the Surgical Assistants’ annual program and workshop along with the annual course she runs herself.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Lam and Emina have written the definitive hair transplant textbook series, spanning several thousand pages, and encompassing four volumes. Dr. Lam has written the largest single edition hair transplant book, the only major book ever written on FUE, and the only hair transplant textbook series. Emina has written the only textbook for surgical assistants. Teaching and writing keep them ahead of the curve and translate into giving you the very latest and greatest that is possible in hair restoration surgery.

6. Experience

ExperienceWith a combined clinical experience of almost 40 years, Dr. Lam and Emina offer extensive experience with hair surgery. As Malcolm Gladwell wrote, mastery comes from a minimum of 10,000 hours invested in a field, and we believe we have far exceeded this minimum requirement. However, we also strongly believe in a “boutique” approach meaning taking time to perform the right procedure and to only perform one procedure a day. Many hair clinics perform several hair surgeries a day and rush the patient experience. We liken what we do to creating a bespoke, handcrafted suit. We need to take our time to perform the procedure and after each procedure maintain proper rest and recuperation to perform the next one. That is why we typically only perform 2 to 4 hair procedures a week (depending on the size of the procedure). We don’t alternate our techs and you will always have the same team every time perform your procedure.

We also have extensive experience in both FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular-unit transplant, or strip procedure). We like the saying, “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” What that means is if you only do one procedure, then that is the only thing you are capable of performing whether it is the right procedure or not for a particular individual. Some physicians are only trained to perform FUT, whereas others only perform FUE. Since we extensively practice both procedures we can help weigh for you the pros and cons of each procedure and tailor the right method for you.

Some physicians who perform FUE, only perform one type of procedure, e.g., robotic or ARTAS. Although this procedure is wonderful it doesn’t allow the full creativity for a surgeon. For example, robotic surgery does not allow the surgeon to harvest low on the scalp. It does not permit beard or chest harvesting, which Dr. Lam and his team routinely perform. Dr. Lam performs the full gamut of FUE harvesting, including ARTAS/robotic, no-shave, scar repairs, beard, and chest harvesting. Again, it is imperative to meet with Dr. Lam to discuss what would be the best approach or combination of approaches best suited for you personally. Surprisingly, a combination of approaches can sometimes be the best option for an individual.

7. Diversity

DiversityMany physicians routinely perform hair surgery for only one kind of patient. Dr. Lam, however, performs a very wide gamut of surgeries, some of which have been mentioned above, to include hairline and central density, crown transplants, ethnic hair transplants (including African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian/Pakistani, etc.), eyebrow hair transplants, scar repair transplant, complicated/revision hair transplants, female hair transplants, female hairline lowering, beard-to-scalp transplants, scalp-to-beard transplants, beard-to-beard transplants, transgender hairlines, traction alopecia cases, etc., using both FUE and FUT techniques. Dr. Lam believes that this diversity and experience should make you feel comfortable that he has worked on your type of case, as his extensive before and after results should illustrate.

8. Technology & Support

Technology & SupportOne of the biggest technological breakthroughs in the past 5 years has been the advent of so-called “regenerative medicine”. These technologies have significantly impacted the survival of hair grafts, acting as fertilizers for improved hair growth. We believe that the foundation for successful hair transplant results depends on all of the above-stated factors but we also believe that “regenerative medicine” is today indispensable for the best outcomes achievable.

Not all of these hair “fertilizers” are the same. For example, Dr. Lam’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) offers the highest quality and quantity that measurably impacts hair growth by virtue of a $40,000 centrifuge as the start point. Further, many physicians simply want to skimp in cost and offer only 1 or at best two methods for improved graft survival using regenerative techniques. Dr. Lam offers 4 methods for every patient to achieve better outcomes: PRP, ACell, HypoThermosol, and liposomal ATP. For a detailed explanation of how and why Dr. Lam uses these very important methods to ensure improved graft growth, we recommend you to explore the related sections of this website that cover this topic more in-depth.

9. Teamwork

TeamworkAs stated throughout this section, teamwork forms the underpinning of every successful outcome. Every team member who is involved in your surgical care has a direct and measurable impact on your results. Many clinics rotate team members out or give you a “B team” simply to meet their weekly sales numbers. We believe as a boutique outfit you always receive care from the “A team”. Even worse, some very inexperienced physicians or physicians who practice occasional hair surgery fly in a random team for the day to treat you, which can definitely have a detrimental impact on your results. You will immediately sense the care and concern not only from Dr. Lam but also from Emina, the front-office staff, the nursing staff, and every member of the surgical team. Without the entire team’s contribution, your results would be average or poor. Simply put, our team is the very best, all trained in house and meticulously scrutinized, reviewed, and supervised for quality control. In fact, Emina who leads the assistant team has taught, written, and espoused a very stringent level of critical quality control for the hair-transplant industry. We are very proud of our team and you will be happy you chose us in large part because of them.

With an experienced team, we can also perform what are known as megasessions. These are 3,000-plus graft sessions that can often treat baldness from the hairline to the crown. With such a remarkable team, these large graft sessions would not be achievable in a single session in a single day. We offer much larger sessions that are possible in large part because of the training and experience of our team. We are truly indebted to their passion, dedication, and clinical excellence.

10. Results

ResultsA major concern for every individual coming to us is naturalness. That is why not only do we show a significant number of photographic results, testimonials, and related didactic videos but also high-definition close-up comb-through videos to show that our results look natural at a very close range. What’s interesting is that the average consumer’s standard of natural really is quite low. When you can spot probably 5 out of 10 cases of unnaturalness, Dr. Lam can spot almost every single case. That comes from experience. With a far higher standard of naturalness than someone seeking his services, we believe that naturalness is a cornerstone to everything we do.

Obviously, the number one reason you will choose us is our results. Many physicians who claim extensive experience have very few photographic results and testimonials to show you. We have compiled this website to showcase our before-and-after results in almost every category of hair loss for both genders, every ethnicity, age bracket, type of loss, etc. Further, many hair clinics show combined before-and-after results pooled from their list of surgeons or, worst yet, unethically show you results from a company rather than their own results. All of the photographs on this website have been performed only by Dr. Lam and his team. When choosing a surgeon, look for the extensiveness of the before-after-results to help you make the right decision.

We truly hope this top ten list of differences will in part explain what we believe we do differently but we look forward to the opportunity to talk with you in person as you go through the process of deciding who would be best for your hair restoration needs.

  • Dr. Lam gave me many options that made excellent sense and was age related to my personal expectations. I am a lifelong patient and recommend him over all the “hair clinics” as he takes each case as a personal challenge to give his patient 100% satisfaction.

    Doug Kile

  • Dr. Lam did an awesome job! It looks totally natural and healed extremely quickly thanks to some of the processes he uses. The hair grew in way before my research on the process said it would.

    Bobby White

  • Dr. Lam, Emina, and the entire staff are true professionals at what they do. Can only attest to their hair procedures but based on my experience, would assume that they are as meticulous and excellent at everything they choose to offer. Can’t be happier with their services!

    Chris J

  • Dr. Lam really changed my life and gave me incredible confidence after my absolutely painless hair transplant. I’m truly excited about my new life now. Emina is also the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and simply amazing hair transplant assistant/coordinator in the world. Dr. Lam’s staff is also first rate. I can not recommend him and his team enough! Don’t wait! Change your life now!

    Adam Chernow