Female hair transplant patient, Clarice, talks about her hair transplant results only four months following a hair transplant procedure for female pattern baldness/hair loss in this video testimonial. Please note that all video testimonials on this Web site are unpaid and uncompensated in any way. Clarice’s type of hair loss involved the anterior hairline and central forelock and caused her to have a loss to her facial frame and an inability to style her hair the way she wanted.

Please also note that this video is exceptional in that in most cases at 4 months there should be little to no hair growth. Most individuals need to wait approximately 6 to 9 months to see significant growth. Clarice was fortunate to see growth much earlier than most individuals so that point should be emphasized so as not to mislead anyone. Further, not every female is a suitable candidate for a female hair transplant procedure. Clarice had exceptional density in the donor area that helped considerably in being able to cover the lost hair. If the donor area in a woman is severely compromised so will the result of the procedure. With considerable experience in women who lose hair at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, Dr. Lam is able to apply the appropriate judgment to explain to a prospective individual the odds of success in a specific clinical scenario.