Mary underwent hair transplant for female pattern baldness and tells about her experience and her results in this video testimonial.*  Please also see the accompanying post on her hairline as videoed close up to see the result more in detail.  We oftentimes think that hair loss really principally occurs in men but it is very common in women with a quoted percentage of 30% after the age of 30 years of age.  What may seem like a trivial degree of hair loss to others has had a profound effect on Mary’s life, as witnessed in this video testimonial.  A principal reason to shoot a video testimonial is to have a prospective patient feel comforted by another patient who underwent the procedure and to see what life-changing difference a simple hair transplant procedure can make for an individual.

Hair loss in women comes in three types.  The first type is a male pattern loss in which hair is receded in the hairline principally in the fronto-temporal region and rarely in the crown area.  The second type is a Ludwig pattern in which hair is lost as a diffuse pattern across the top of the scalp that can extend into the temporal region.  The third type, which is shown by Mary’s example, is known as a “Christmas tree” pattern in which the loss is principally along the front of the head tapering to be less involved posteriorly.  The Christmas tree pattern is observed with the woman looking down and the hair parted in the middle.  Mary’s loss was primarily in the central forelock, causing her considerable embarrassment and a loss of a facial frame to the face.  By targeting the central forelock and the anterior hairline, Mary has a much better frame to the face and easier styling options for her hair now.

*All video testimonials on this Web site are unpaid and uncompensated in any way.