This woman had a browlift and facelift that left her with a high, unfeminine hairline as well as scarring in the brow, temple, and the area behind the ears. This video discusses the pattern that Dr. Lam used to rebuild the hairline in a feminine design. In order to understand how Dr. Lam achieves consistently excellent results, you have to understand the thinking process, strategy, and design that goes into every surgical procedure. This short written post and accompanying video are intended to help a prospective patient understand the difference between the technique at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration and elsewhere.

Female hairline lowering is a technique that can be performed for two reasons: a woman who is born with a high hairline or a woman who has lost hair in that area. The types of hair loss in the hairline can be caused by natural hormonal reasons like female pattern baldness or like in this case due to previous aggressive brow and facelift surgery. This is why when Dr. Lam performs facelift surgery he never removes any hair because the result can be devastating and also it is simply unnecessary. Hopefully, the details in design and execution shown in this video are helpful to understand how female hairline lowering strategy no matter what the cause may be is entirely different from other types of hair transplant procedures.