One of the biggest topics that has fascinated hair-transplant surgeons, at least as presented at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is temporal point transplantation. The temporal point is the hair point that emanates forward from the temple that can be reconstructed to frame the face from the side as part of an effort to frame the face that includes the anterior hairline.

Why undertake a temporal point reconstruction? As alluded to, it provides a very strong masculine shape that is both attractive and youthful. It can support the shape of a strong anterior hairline and create a visual match, where the hairline and temple look well balanced and natural.

Temporal Point Reconstruction

Why should one not perform a temporal point reconstruction? First, if a surgeon is inexperienced in building up the temporal point then he should not do it. It is one of the most technically difficult areas to do well for the surgeon who must create very flat recipient sites that are also angled correctly sweeping downward and then backward as the point is approached. It is an equally daunting task for the assistant who must place the grafts at an uncomfortably low angle and also with a proper curl that aims down toward the scalp and backward. Second, if a younger gentleman is coming for a hair transplant (let’s say younger than 35 years of age), it might be unadvisable to undertake a temporal point transplant because it takes a lot of grafts that might be better allocated toward the central scalp or anterior hairline. Further, it might not age as well for an individual who is more rapidly losing hair and may require numerous hair transplant sessions in the future to maintain a result. Finally, sometimes the temporal point design simply does not look good on an individual and may overly close his face inward by making the forehead appear too narrow, for example. For all of these reasons, it is important for an artistic and technically proficient surgeon to decide in whom and how to design a temporal point for hair restoration.

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