Hair Restoration Consultation Dallas

Schedule Your Hair Transplant Consultation

The hair restoration consultation process begins with your phone call to 972-312-8105 Monday-Friday, between 9-5 CDT, to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Lam and his staff.

consultation-processPlease Note: Your credit card will be charged a $100 consultation fee for the time spent with Dr. Lam, and there is a “No-Show” fee for missed appointments. In order to expedite the process, you may elect to download our Encounter Form, fill it out, and bring it with you for your appointment. Also, please download the HIPAA form, read it carefully, and sign at the bottom. This form is to ensure that your patient information remains private. Please bring both of these forms into the office with you to your visit.

Before you come to the office, you may also consider reviewing your payment options:

If you do not qualify for financing, our business office can discuss other possibilities for payment.

Upon your arrival to the office, you will meet with Dr. Lam who will begin the consultation process. During the initial part of the consultation, you will most likely review the following topics:

  1. Your prior attempts at slowing down your hair loss including medications you may have tried or are still taking
  2. Your prior attempts to restore or conceal your hair loss, including hair transplant surgery, hair systems, topical camouflage products, etc.
  3. Your aesthetic desires of what you are seeking with hair restoration
  4. Introduce to you the hair growth cycle, hair loss patterns and the process of hair restoration/transplantation
  5. Review Dr. Lam’s before and after photographs that are relevant to your condition
  6. Perform a detailed physical evaluation of your scalp, donor hair, and recipient area as well ascertain any pertinent dermatologic and health history
  7. Draw a preliminary hairline design based on the above criteria
  8. Review with you Dr.Lam’s technique and your experience at the Lam Institute
  9. Review medical options that may be important to maintain or retard further hair loss
  10. Take standardized baseline photographs as necessary
  11. Tour the surgery center if you should so desire
  12. Answer any questions that you may have remaining

Then, Dr. Lam will review with you the following objectives:

  1. Review the initial part of your consultation.
  2. Reinforce concepts of medical treatments for hair loss and prescribe appropriate FDA-approved medications.
  3. Perform a detailed physical evaluation of your scalp, donor hair, and recipient area as well ascertain any pertinent dermatologic and health history.
  4. Confirm the hairline design, your aesthetic objectives, and limitations of the procedure.
  5. Refer you to a dermatologist and/or internist if your hair loss is a medical condition that would not benefit from surgical hair restoration at this time.
  6. Establish a stage or level for hair restoration based on the above criteria and design a customized plan for your present and future needs for hair restoration.
  7. Answer any questions that you may have remaining.

At the end of the session, you will meet with our patient-care coordinator to review with you the costs for the hair transplant procedure that you discussed with Dr. Lam. At this point, you may decide to schedule your procedure or surgery. As most surgeries are scheduled at least two weeks in the future, you will be asked for your ideal week of surgery and we will make every effort to meet your scheduling preference. Our staff will contact you to verify the date and time of your surgery and preoperative appointment. This may take up to 2 business days. Once your desired surgery date is confirmed, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure that day for you. The remaining 80% of payment is required 2 weeks before the surgery date. Also, if you change your scheduled date less than one week prior to the surgery day, a 3% administrative fee will be levied, unless you have a documented personal emergency.

Prior to any surgical procedure, it is always a good idea to visit your personal doctor for a personal health evaluation. However, a surgical clearance is required if you are over 50 years old, have any medical problems, or have a family history of cardiac problems or anesthesia problems. If this is indicated, at the time of your preoperative visit, Dr. Lam will communicate with your physician requiring necessary tests, such as blood work or an EKG. If you have any known heart conditions or a strong family history of heart problems, he may require a cardiologist or specialist to evaluate you with a formal Stress Test.

Should you not have a personal physician, our staff can refer you to one of Dr. Lam’s colleagues who could hopefully see you promptly to meet your needs. The care received from this physician will require payment be made directly to this physician. It is not included in the quote from Dr. Lam. If you are over 50 or you think you may need medical clearance, plan ahead to contact your physician in order to ensure that your desired surgery date is not unduly delayed.

Of note, Dr. Lam or his staff will never call to harass you about your decision to book a procedure. You may receive a personal note from Dr. Lam and his staff, but you will not be called unless you contact the office first. We believe in your privacy and support your personal choice in a surgeon.

The Preoperative Session

On your appointed preoperative session, you will meet with Dr. Lam and our staff to complete the necessary steps to prepare for your procedure. During this session, you will meet the following objectives:

  1. Review all of the instructions that are pertinent to your procedure (preoperative instructions, postoperative care, etc.)
  2. Read over and sign all consent forms.
  3. Review the objectives for the procedure again with Dr. Lam and Emina.
  4. Take your standardized preoperative photographs.
  5. Complete a detailed health history and physical examination.
  6. Receive all the prescriptions that you need for the procedure as well as a special shampoo to use prior to your procedure
  7. Confirm that you have undergone necessary medical clearance before your procedure, if applicable.
  8. Reiterate your scheduled date, obtain postoperative appointments for your one-day and ten-day visits, confirm your transportation arrangement, and any accommodations if needed.

The Procedure

Our staff should contact you the night prior to your procedure to answer any remaining questions, revise all preoperative instructions including the reminder that you cannot eat or drink anything after midnight starting the night before your procedure. Our nursing staff will confirm your arrival time, which is most often 7:15am. Considering that at this time of the early morning, the main office is not open, you will be advised to use our private entrance, which is located in the main lobby, behind the main lobby and beside the José Eber Salon. You will also be instructed to ring the door bell, and our staff will greet you. Upon your arrival, you will meet with Dr. Lam’s staff once again in the privacy of his surgery center. Dr. Lam’s nursing staff will review with you the procedure details, confirm signature on all consent forms, and answer any remaining questions that you may have. Dr. Lam will prepare the donor area for the procedure and generally make sure that you are comfortable to begin. Dr. Lam’s sedation provider will first give you oral sedation then start the IV line and prepare you for the procedure. Dr. Lam will confirm your hairline design with you before the procedure begins. You will undergo light conscious sedation during the initial part of the procedure so that you simply have no discomfort whatsoever. Dr. Lam believes that this added level of comfort is worth it in every case. Because Dr. Lam has created a full, on-site surgery center, he is one of the few surgeons in the United States that can provide this level of comfort and safety for every hair-restoration patient. You will rest comfortably the morning of the procedure lying down dozing on and off for the greater part of the morning as Dr. Lam completes his part of the procedure. At noon, the effects of the medication will have generally worn off and you will be awake enough to enjoy a home-prepared lunch meal that is customized to your dietary preferences outlined during the preoperative session. After luch, you will be offered to select a movie or two from our extensive DVD catalog or you can bring a DVD from your personal collection or rent one for the occasion. During the afternoon, Dr. Lam’s transplant team headed by his hair-transplant coordinator will place your grafts, as you comfortably enjoy your movie selection.

Most procedures are completed between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm but occasionally may require a bit of extra time. Dr. Lam and his team pride themselves in doing only one hair restoration procedure a day so that they never stop until they truly believe that the hair transplantation objective is met perfectly. Quality is our only concern; no grafts are wasted. We are not a factory and have no interest in ever becoming one.

Before you are done, Dr. Lam’s staff will contact your companion to come to pick you up, so that the person driving you home after the procedure does not have to wait for you and thus be inconvenient. If there is a delay in the case, your companion will be informed to postpone the arrival time or offered to wait and enjoy refreshments and satellite television in our private reception area.

Before you leave, Dr. Lam’s staff will ensure that you have all of your postoperative instructions reviewed once again. Dr. Lam will also provide you his private cellular phone number so that you can easily contact him anytime should you have a question, including on the weekend. Dr. Lam will call you the night of the procedure to make sure that you are doing well. Dr. Lam is very responsive to your every need and concern and encourages you to contact him should you ever have a question.


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