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The Team

Dr. Lam is proud to work with a diversely talented staff that offers meticulous patient care, creative energy, leadership, and a personalized touch. Each individual is dedicated to bringing the most advanced and specialized care possible for the facial plastic surgery and hair restoration patient.

Carol, Office Manager Emeritus
(A.K.A., “Bluebell”)
A long-time commercial real estate investor, Carol is also the principal developer of the Willow Bend Wellness Center and its expansion. Carol is Dr. Lam’s mother if you couldn’t figure it out. She served as Dr. Lam’s office manager for many years until recently and is now retired, handing over the reigns to Abby, our accounting manager. She was happily married for 45 years until the untimely passing of her husband but is now married to an amazing man that Dr. Lam calls dad. She is a mother of two great children, and Dr. Lam is one of them. During her free time, Carol is an avid ballroom dancer and world traveler. In particular, she loves oranges, other fresh fruits, and all types of dogs. She is also a happy grandmother of three: Bailey, Bryn, and Cooper.
Constanze, Patient-Care Coordinator
(A.K.A., “Coko”)
Born in beautiful Ludwigsburg, Germany and raised in the Rheinland Pfalz region and Stuttgart, Constanze was torn between archeology and fashion design. Ultimately, the practical and creative side won, and she served a tailor’s apprenticeship with the prestigious Fashion House of Bleyle in Stuttgart. Constanze took a short detour in data processing before marrying and becoming a full-time mother of four lovely children. Subsequently, she returned to tailoring for JC Penny, became a makeup artist for Calvin Klein, and a Flight Attendant for United Airlines. She is still enthusiastic about children, archeology, travel and meeting people of all nations. In her spare time, she collects native musical instruments from the four corners of the world as well as stamps and postcards

Amanda Frey

Amanda Frey, BSN, RN
(A.K.A., “Bluebell”)
Amanda was born and raised in Paris, Texas. She completed her LVN in 2008, followed by her RN in 2009 at Paris Junior College. She relocated to McKinney in 2009 and began her career in the Emergency Department before transitioning into Management and Administration. She recently completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University and is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management at the same institution. Amanda is very thankful to transition into plastic surgery and is embracing her new role as Dr. Lam’s Nurse Administrator. She is thankful for the time that she gets to spend with our patients to ensure everyone has a great cosmetic experience! When the work day is over, she is either attending her daughter Celeste’s orchestra concerts or her son Ian’s baseball games.
Christine, Hair Transplant Technician, Medical Assistant
(A.K.A “Lovebug and boo”)
Christine was born in Austin, Texas. She moved to the Dallas area shortly after she was born. After graduation she went to school where she became a Certified Medical Assistant. Christine is the mother of two beautiful girls, Gabby and Erika. Her and Jorge just welcomed a new beautiful baby girl into the family in May. Her other family members include her dog Fonzy and two parrots named Abby and Sky. She spends a majority of her time with her children and also enjoys baking, watching movies, listening to music and various other family oriented events. Christine is happy to be a part of the family at LFP.
Darla, Scrub, Medical Assistant & Hair-Transplant Technician
Darla has lived in several U.S. cities, last one being Seattle, Washington, before moving to the Dallas metroplex. Working previously in both speech and physical therapy, she developed the skills and compassion to understand the needs of Dr. Lam’s patients. Darla assists Dr. Lam as both his principal scrub nurse as well as his hair-transplant technician. She has been married to her husband Tye for 24 years. She also is a published author, writing a distinguished chapter for Dr. Lam’s textbook on the subject of medical assistant duties. She has been with Dr. Lam 13 years now. Darla enjoys various family-oriented activities. Her son Brennan graduated Valedictorian from McKinney High in 2015 and is now studying aerospace engineering at UT Austin. Her younger son Ryan graduated top 5% of his class and is studying mechanical engineering at Texas A & M. She enjoys Pilates, working in the garden, reading, and playing with her fur babies Lilly Bell, a miniature schnauzer, and Hershey, a schnoodle.

Diana Hair Transplant Technician 231x300

Diana, Medical Assistant, Hair Transplant Technician
Coming from one of the most ancient and beautiful places in Europe, Diana will always keep Bulgaria in her heart. She graduated with a master’s degree in literature. Together with her husband they dared to venture out and departed to a country they had never been to before. What she didn’t know, was that she would have the chance to work for the best facial plastic surgeon in the world. Driven by her dream and desire to work in the medical field, she obtained a license as a dental assistant from Baylor College of Dentistry. Now she is happy to be working as a medical assistant at LFP. She enjoys meeting and being able to take care of others. She is surrounded by many friends and feels as if Dallas is her home.
Vassilka, Hair-Transplant Technician and Medical Assistant
(A.K.A., “Silky”, “Silky D”)
The spirit of adventure brought Vassilka from her native Bulgaria where she was raised and educated. Her journey of hope was richly filled with friendships every step of the way. Her faith and appreciation for life are the qualities that most clearly define her. She is known for her positive energy and eye for detail. Vassilka is an experienced patient-care provider and skilled hair-transplant technician. Recently married, she and her husband have found much happiness in the Dallas area. They are proud parents of their beautiful daughter Elizabeth. Vassilka loves flowers and chocolate. Her favorite avocation is maintaining an active physical exercise regimen including Thai boxing and cycling.
Beth, Registered Nurse
(A.K.A., “Fargo”, “Betty Qui Qui”, “Betty Bon Qui Qui”, “Barry Bonds Qui Qui” )
Beth was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She attended Mount Mercy College where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She then relocated to Carrollton, Texas, where she currently resides. Beth has worked in various aspects of the nursing field but has found her niche in the ambulatory surgery setting since 2001. She provides continuity of care by remaining at the patient’s side during all phases of the surgical experience.She enjoys getting to know the patients on a one on one basis. She has been at Lam Facial Plastics since 2005 and feels very fortunate to be a part of Dr. Lam’s team. She is married and has two girls. She enjoys reading , going to the movies, and shopping with her daughters.
Marcy, Patient Care Liaison
(A.K.A., “Mack Daddy”, “Flipper”)
Marcy is a native Texan who has a multi-faceted career path. From Real Estate to Telecom to the Medical field, her diverse and extensive background lends support to Lam Facial Plastics in all aspects. Working in the medical industry for the past 15 years has honed her skills in assisting patients and demonstrating friendliness, courtesy and discretion regarding the unique needs of each patient. In her spare time, she volunteers herself to help animals. She enjoys pet-sitting part-time and loves all animals, in particular the canines. She enjoys reading self-help books and true crime novels. Also a self-taught “computer geek”, she enjoys learning IT related items and can fix just about any computer issue.
Debbie, Medical Assistant
(A.K.A., ” West Side”)
Debbie was born in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to the Dallas area when she was 8 years old. She met her husband Ed her senior year in high school and has been happily married for 25 years. She was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 19 years. Her son Garett is a sophomore at Texas A&M and her daughter Natalie is a senior in high school. She is very excited to be back at work and thankful to be a part of the LFP family. In her spare time she enjoys various family activities, playing tennis, and volunteering at her daughter’s school and their church.
Melanie, Registered Nurse
Melanie was born and raised in Leicester, England. Following graduation from Sheffield School of Nursing she became a travelling nurse in the U.S. Her contract was for one year but after 30 years Melanie is still here loving the American life!! Melanie finally settled in Plano, Texas, after meeting her husband Richard and they have been happily married for 20 years. They have one son Ian who is attending Texas A&M. They are now emptynesters and are looking forward to do some travelling in the future. Melanie enjoys watching old movies! Melanie is proud to be a member of Dr Lam’s team and honored to work in a fantastic environment where patients are truly our number one priority!

Pamela Ova Care Liaison 231x300

Pamela, Patient/Ova Care Liaison
Pamela was born in Arlington, Virginia. Her family shortly moved back to Texas where she has resided for the majority of her life besides a 2 year stint in beautiful Colorado. Pamela has been dancing for over 17 years. She soon discovered that orchestra and track would have to be put on the back burner! She has a passion for all genres of dance. Pamela soon discovered her love for teaching, and has been training children through adults for the last 7 years. As a maturing dancer she also came to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; in order to support her continuing love for wellness, she earned her personal training certification through The Cooper Institute. see more…

Denitsa Krumova, Medical Assistant and Social Media Campaigner
Deny was born in Bulgaria where she graduated with her master’s degree in History. She then moved to Connecticut with her husband before moving down to Dallas after her husband’s job was relocated. She has worked as a teacher before becoming Dr. Lam’s medical assistant. She loves reading, computers, and learning new things. She has two children, Kelly and David.
Abby Tsang, Controller
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Abby came to the US to study accounting at UT Dallas. She has worked in a CPA firm and at Bank of America. She has been married to her husband Paul now for 28 years. She has two children: Maggie who is studying music at UNT and who has won the distinguished Presser Music Scholarship among other scholarship awards and her son Jason who is studying English at UT Austin. Her hobbies include singing, drawing, and design.
Annette Smith, Patient Care Liaison
Annette was born in Baxley, Georgia. She attended Mississippi State University and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. She moved to Dallas 25 years ago with her husband John. They have been married for 27 years and going strong! She was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for three beautiful children. Anne Kirby, a Texas A&M graduate; Chelsea, an Ole Miss graduate; and Mattson, a sophomore at Oklahoma State University. Annette has served in the community for years but is most passionate about her service as a client advocate at the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center for the past 12 years. She enjoys meeting new faces and is so excited to be a part of the Lam Facial Plastics family.