In the past few years, nutritional supplementation has become a cornerstone to restoration of hair loss for both men and women. Nutrafol offers a comprehensive, simple daily formula that has been proven to be effective in both slowing down hair loss as well as restoring thinning hair. Dr. Lam believes that Nutrafol is part of a program for medical hair restoration and has an additive benefit when used with other therapies, e.g., topical finasteride, shampoo, laser, etc.

Nutrafol is a popular brand of nutritional supplementation that offers broadband vitamins to help with hair loss. Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam uses Nutrafol along with other therapies to improve hair loss in a natural way and believes that it can be a part of an overall hair loss strategy. However, he also can tailor specifically your vitamin deficiencies using his hair genome test. See hair genome test.

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Key Points

  • An ideal candidate
    • A man or woman who is experiencing progressive hair thinning and would like a comprehensive plan to restore hair.
    • Not very effective for someone who has lost all the hair and now is bald. Hair transplant is the only solution for that individual so long as he or she is a suitable candidate.
  • What to do
    • This supplement should be taken 1 to 2 times daily as directed to manage hair loss and should be continued for optimal results.
  • What to expect
    • It takes several months to typically see the benefit but you may see some improvement earlier than that.
    • Hair shedding may occur in some individuals as the hairs are being converted from a sleepy phase to a growth phase.


  • I am taking other supplements, do I still need Nutrafol?
    Yes. This medication is much more effective than daily vitamins and supplements that are not designed to grow hair. If you are on other vitamins, you should notice a good improvement in hair restoration after starting Nutrafol.

  • If I am taking this product, do I need to continue my other therapies for hair loss?
    Nutrafol is part of a larger regimen for hair loss and is most effective when combined with other therapies but can be taken as a standalone therapy as well.

  • Can I buy this product online?
    Yes, but Dr. Lam offers a professional strength at less of an expense and can send it to you if you need.


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