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FUE vs. FUT: Which Is Better?

Young man visiting female beautician in hair transplantation

The problem with this question is that each procedure has its own pros, cons, and limitations despite Internet hype to the contrary. Since FUE has become the dominant method of harvesting hair in the world, FUT has gotten an unfair and bad rap. In my opinion, it is unjustified and perpetrated by those who do […]

Achievement award by the Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Lam was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons on Monday, April 22, 2024, in Gurugram, India. He was unable to attend the ceremony but here is a transcript of his written acceptance speech. Life and Lessons as a Hair Surgeon I am honored to recount my biography in […]

Proper Hair Care for Daily Maintenance, Loss Prevention, and Post-Restoration

No matter where you are in your hair care journey, using shampoo and conditioner can keep your hair clean, moisturized, and healthy. But of course, it can get more complicated than that, particularly during hair loss and after hair restoration treatment.  Expert Hair Science and Treatment With Dr. Lam While maintaining the health of your […]

Is Hair Loss in Your Genes? Understanding Genetic Predispositions Through Hair Genome Testing

Hair loss affects millions worldwide, leaving many seeking answers and solutions. Genetics often play a significant role in this phenomenon. Hair genome testing can help you learn more about your hair loss and what you can do about it. The Science of Genetic Predispositions for Hair Loss Hair loss, or alopecia, can look different for […]

Botox for Hair Loss

There have been reports using Botox for hair loss but definitely not in the way that I have discovered, invented, and now have achieved a patent pending status with the U.S. Patent Office as of December 2023. Botox, unfortunately, has been negatively associated with toxicity, paralysis, and other unfavorable outcomes. However, I use a super […]

Hair Cloning: Where Are We?

A worried young white man looks at himself in the mirror and ins

I know you’ve probably read an article or two in the past few months to years exclaiming the amazing breakthrough of hair cloning in a mouse or some other animal model. In fact, two to three times a year, a friend or patient will ask or send me some news clipping about this fact. Hair […]

State of the Industry

We are in an epidemic of problems in the hair industry that I encounter almost every day and it has made me incredibly sad and upset. A huge part of who I am is the desire to combat social injustices, especially human trafficking and child abuse. I see today that we are sliding into an […]

Hair Stem: What is It?

I have seen simply tremendous and uniform results with my innovative hair stem therapy for both men and women who undergo this treatment. I have actually yet to see even a single failure minus one African-American woman who had traction alopecia, which is actually impossible to regrow hair and requires surgery, so I do not […]

My New Hair Book, Hair Transplant 101, Just Came Out!

I am proud to announce that my 9th hair transplant textbook, Hair Transplant 101, was just released at the end of July 2023 by the amazing publisher Quality Medical Publishing (QMP). This new book follows on the heels of my last textbook that came out April 2022, which is the world’s largest and most encyclopedic […]

Dr. Lam Best Doctors by D Magazine 2023

Dr. Lam was recently honored for being one of the best doctors in Dallas by D Magazine in the 2023 edition. He was voted by his peers and he has never solicited votes on his own behalf. This is an unpaid honor.

Hair Podcast Dr. Sam Lam Hair Stem Therapy

  Full Audio Transcript: I posted a photo of hair stem and I had a gentleman ask, what are you doing with this? I decided, well, I’m gonna do a podcast on this to explain a little bit more in detail the evolution of my thinking of how we developed this process and what we’re […]

The Hair Genome Test

This podcast is on the hair genome test that I’ve been doing now and I really do like it and also I don’t like it. There is a role for it and I try to use it in a way that would be helpful for my patients. So, what this test involves is a questionnaire […]

2022 “The Golden Follicle Award” awarded to Samuel M. Lam, MD, FISHRS

Read the Press Release

Stroll Magazine: Sam and Ellie Lam – A Love of Art and A Heart for Children

Dr. Lam and his family were featured in the local Stroll magazine to feature his work with the charity Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center of which he and his wife were the honorary chairs of the Art for Advocacy gala and where his painting Floris II sold for $20,000, the maximum bid allowed within minutes of […]

Dr. Lam’s Interview for National Hair Day

Watch Dr. Lam’s interview for National Hair Day on ABC News WFAA8 this morning

Vice President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas Hair Transplant Surgeon, is proud to announce that he has been elected to be Vice President of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), the only board certification for the discipline of hair transplant surgery in the world. He has served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, World Website […]

Hair Transplant 360 Course in St Louis, Missouri

Dr. Sam Lam has just completed his Hair Transplant 360 Course in St Louis, Missouri, where he has served as director now for 11 years. Here are some reviews and photos from the event.            

Did you wait too long to do something about your hair loss? Megasession Hair Transplant may be the perfect solution for you!

What is a megasession? A typical hair transplant restores 1,500 – 2,000 grafts and covers either the frontal or crown area. A megasession hair transplant describes a transplant of 3,000 hair grafts or more. The goal of a megasession transplant is to provide adequate hair density over a broad area of the head to a […]

Dr. Lam Quoted in “Rocketman” Article

Dallas Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam is quoted about hair transplant and hairpieces for Elton John in conjunction with the release of the movie Rocketman. Read the article.

On July 18th, Dr. Lam Will Be Interviewed on Doctor Radio!

Dr. Lam will be interviewed about the latest and greatest in facial plastic surgery and hair restoration on Doctor Radio, channel 110 on both Sirius and XM radio this Wednesday at 12 pm CDT/1 pm EDT for one hour with Dr. Erich P. Voigt. If listeners want to ask questions, they can call our toll-free […]

Micro Hair Trauma, Survival, and How ATP Has Helped my Hair Restoration Procedures

Smiling man look in mirror in bath style hair

I started using so-called regenerative medicine in 2011, which are essentially “fertilizers” for hair growth. I have been blown away by the improvements in my outcomes and am still baffled at surgeons who use no technological support for their outcomes. My improvement in results was so striking that it compelled me to rewrite my entire […]

Higher Standards of Seeing Hair Transplants: Sylvester Stallone and the movie Creed

Many patients are justly worried that they could look fake after a hair transplant given the long legacy of plugs, scars, toupees, and a host of other bad hair transplant results that have scared off the public. That is one of the reasons why I have filmed so many videos in close-up HD to show […]

Crown Hair Transplant Strategies: New Thinking in the Past Two Years

There is not a day that goes by without my thinking or rethinking or innovating something. I am very passionate about making everything better and even when I think I can’t make it better I try to think how I could be wrong. Everything from the patient experience to the patient outcome is integral to […]

Consulting the Experts: Dr. Lam Asked to Comment on the Mystery Behind Trump’s Hair

When it comes to figuring out the world’s biggest mysteries, you need to consult the experts. That is why The Daily Beast contacted hair-restoration expert Dr. Sam Lam for his take on one of the biggest modern mysteries: Donald Trump’s hair. A recent video clip made rounds all across the internet because it shed light […]

Scarring Series: FUE Scars (How To Avoid Them and How to Manage Them)

FUE has been touted to be “scarless”, which is patently false. There are scars but if done well should be very hard to detect even with closely cropped hair. That is the real advantage of FUE, i.e., hair can be worn very closely shorn and in most cases the tiny white dots (the scars) cannot […]

Scarring Series: FUT Scars (How To Avoid Them and How to Manage Them)

Unfortunately, scarring in the donor incision following hair transplant surgery has become a touchpoint of marketing hype on the Internet to scare people away from the linear strip procedure. I am very saddened by this because scars are not unique to FUT procedures. In fact, on a weekly basis I see horrible FUE scars from […]

How My Dog Kumo Confirmed My Thinking of How Hair Grows without Abrupt Angle Changes

One of my greatest passions in hair restoration is designing recipient sites. These sites dictate the pattern, direction, and density of transplanted and grafted hairs – something I feature throughout this website. At my annual hair transplant course that I direct and have done so now for 9 years, I always incorporate a lecture that […]

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant, Jewelry and Beauty

The Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant requires a different set or procedures and techniques than female to male transgender hair transplantation. There are differences in the hairline of men and women and often male pattern baldness needs to be addressed. In previous years the Male to Female (MTF) Transgender Transplant had to be performed using a […]

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Dallas

Some people are born with naturally sparse eyebrows, while others may lose eyebrows due to illness, surgery, skin conditions, trauma or over plucking. Today thick eyebrows are making a statement in magazines and on screen, which can make those with sparse or completely lost eyebrow hair feel even more self-conscious. Dr. Sam Lam offers Eyebrow Hair […]

Before and After Hair Restoration Photos

Beautiful girl breathing and smiling on the beach

One of the biggest tools you can use when considering hair restoration options is looking at before and after photos patients who had similar hair loss issues to see what procedure that patient had performed. Looking at Before and After Hair Restoration Photos can also help give you a move realistic idea of the results possible. It […]

Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant, Jewelry and Beauty

Transgender Hair Transplant is a different type of hair transplant, with its own unique set of challenges, than traditional hair transplantation due to hair loss. Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas requires both artistic and technical skills to achieve the desired MTF (Male to Female) or FTM (Female to Male) results. The first key to achieving a successful […]

Hair Transplant Dallas

Portrait close up of a beautiful smiling girl with nice hair

When people think of a hair loss they typically think of men, however, many women also experience hair loss. When women experience hair loss, it is often traumatic and hits their self-confidence hard. Many women pride themselves on their hair. Dr. Lam understands the delicate landscape of female hair loss and restoration. He has helped many […]

Hair Loss Disorders Dallas

There are several different kinds of hair loss conditions and disorders that affect men and woman all across the world. It can be devastating dealing with hair loss at any age whether from common issues like male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, or less common conditions such as Alopecia, Anagen Effluvium, Telogen Effluvium, Tinea […]

Passion in Hair Restoration and in Everything

Passion in Hair Transplantation At times I get the question during a consultation, “What makes you better than [fill in the blank name]”?  Even though I may spend 30 minutes detailing every little nuance of what makes us better:  a more artistically designed and customized hairline, better donor harvesting and closure, better recipient site creation, […]

Understanding Transitions of the Scalp and Why They are Important

Gradual Transitions Shown in Recipient Sites for the Crown When I design recipient sites for hair restoration I am always cognizant that each site must blend naturally to the adjacent sites for several reasons.  First, hair naturally slowly transitions in angle from one area to another.  In a natural untransplanted scalp no hair angles abruptly […]

Thinking of Visual Walls When Building Up the Frontal Region of the Scalp

Artistically designed hair transplant to create optimal visual hair density The goal of hair restoration is to build up enough hair density that one does not have much see-through effect.  Put another way, rows upon rows of hair grafts must be placed so that each row adds to the visual effect of blocking one’s view […]

The Concept of the Lowest Acceptable Point for Hairline Design

How to determine the lowest acceptable point for the hairline (from Hair Transplant 360, Lam SM, Jaypee Brothers, 2011) When designing a hairline that are many ways to create one.  In almost all cases, my hair-transplant colleagues and I start with the most fundamentally important point that defines and sets the remainder of the hairline, […]

Shoreline Understanding of a Hairline in Hair Restoration

Shoreline model for understanding natural hairlines in hair restoration I really like using the idea of a shoreline to educate my students and my patients on the proper design of a hairline.  A shoreline from a great distance looks relatively straight but the closer you get to the shoreline, the more jagged and imperfect the […]

The Lateral, Anterior Point in Hair Transplantation

When we discussed the bell shaped design of the hairline, we talked about a point known as the “lateral, anterior point”.  This point is relatively aligned with the mid-pupil and it represents where the shape of the hairline goes from convex toward the midline and concave toward the outer portion.  After evaluating a lot of […]

The Concept of the Extended Central Forelock in Hair Restoration

Central Forelock and Extended Central Forelock in Hair Restoration The central forelock is one of the most important concepts that exist for hair restoration.  If the central forelock, that lies immediately behind the hairline looks empty, the person will remain looking bald.  Every graft that is situated in the central forelock also blocks light from […]

Two Fronto-Temporal Hairline Designs in Hair Transplant and Why

Fronto-temporal Design Options (illustration taken from Dr. Lam's book, Hair Transplant 360) Although we have discussed the bell and the round patterns for hairline design in other blog articles, we did not discuss what the impact is on the temple hair when creating these types of hairline shapes.  When the temple hair is not simultaneously […]

Phase 1 Training for Hair-Transplant Assistants

Phase 1 Hair Transplant Assistant Training (from Dr. Lam's book, Hair Transplant 360) One thing that I am very proud of is that my team at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration has developed training of assistants worldwide.  We do this through our textbook, Hair Transplant 360, volume 2, which is the first ever book […]

Phase 2 Training for Hair-Transplant Assistants

Phase 2 Hair Transplant Assistant Training (from Dr. Lam's book, Hair Transplant 360) Phase 2 training can be done in a live human patient or more ideally with cadaver tissue.  Since I run a course using cadavers in St. Louis, I can help bridge a hair-transplant assistant from foam tissue to a live model with […]

Hair Transplant Testimonial (Update)

I just posted this hair transplant testimony of a gentleman who was also kind enough to do a video recovery journal several months ago. I am posting his results so far (as growth should continue to occur over the next few months), his video testimonial, and his original video recovery diary. This recent hair transplant […]

Low Thyroid, Hair Loss and Eyebrow Transplant

By Emina Karamanovski Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and personally experienced the horror of hair loss that many women share. One of the symptoms associated with it was hair loss. Beside the fact that my hair was shedding more than usual, it was becoming alarmingly thinner. As I was diagnosed and my thyroid problems […]

Hair Replacement vs. Hair Restoration

By Emina Karamanovski If you are losing hair and wondering what would be the best option for you, there are two approaches that can help you have hair back on your head. One option is non-surgical and the other is surgical.  Hair replacement, the non-surgical option, attaches artificial or natural hair to the bald scalp. […]

New Solutions To Fix Old Scars

By Emina Karamanovski The only predictable thing about the human body is that it is unpredictable.  Scarring and the way we heal is one of those unpredictable human behaviors.  I have been observing variations in scar healing of hair-transplant patients for over 20 years. Medical procedures like other things in life, improve through trials and […]

Privacy and Gender Differences

By Emina Karamanovski Over the years working with Dr. Lam and observing female and male patients approach aesthetic surgery differently, I also noticed that within hair restoration men and women behave differently. It is socially more acceptable to see a man than a woman losing hair. Therefore, women are more secretive about their hair loss […]

Dr. Lam Educates Peers At Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference

Dr. Sam Lam was invited to be a member of the multi-disciplinary faculty at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology Conference, which was held at the Bellagio Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada during late June.  Dr. Lam served in multiple capacities during the conference, serving as a lecturer and moderator, as well […]

Dr. Lam Uses ARTASTM System In FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

The ARTASTM hair restoration system is a state-of-the-art system developed by Restoration Robotics that utilizes computer imagery and robotic technology to assist hair transplant surgeons in the harvesting of hair follicles during hair transplantation procedures.  The ARTASTM system is used to perform follicular unit excision procedures, referred to as FUE hair transplants.  The procedure is […]

ISHRS Meeting 2013

I have been asked to present at the assistants’ course at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery this year, which is happening next week in San Francisco. I have lectured in the past on graft preparation and graft handling, but this year I will be talking on stress management in the surgical setting. I […]

Lecture On Stress Management During Hair Restoration Surgery At 2013 ISHRS Meeting

By Emina Karamanovski I have been asked to be one of the presenters during the assistants’ course at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) this year, which is taking place next week in San Francisco. In the past, I have lectured at ISHRS meetings about graft preparation and graft handling, but this year, […]

New Solution for Female Struggling With Thin Hair

By Emina Karamanovski It is not a first time that an old technique finds a new application. In the last few years, the ancient art of skin pigmentation (tattooing) found its place in the medical community, specifically in hair restoration. I was sincerely impressed with the results of micropigmentation and its versatility. Men and women […]

Progress in Hair Restoration: Smaller Sites, Better Results

By Emina Karamanovski Often times I get asked what is the newest thing in hair restoration. There are two major progresses made in the last ten years. One helped improve the density and naturalness of the transplanted hair, and the other improved scarring in the donor area. Progressively, we started trimming extra tissue off of […]

Emina Karamanovski Develops First Textbook For Hair Transplant Surgical Assistants

Emina Karamanovski, one of Dr. Lam’s surgical assistants and a key member of his hair transplant team, recently authored a textbook designed to educate hair transplant surgical assistants about all aspects of hair restoration procedures. The textbook, titled Hair Transplant 360 For Assistants, is the second in a two part series. Part one of the […]

Iranian Facial Plastic Surgery Conference Appoints Dr. Sam Lam As Faculty Member

Dr. Sam Lam is pleased to report that he has been selected to be a member of the international faculty at the Iranian International Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery, an international conference that is scheduled to be held at the Razi Convention Center in Tehran, Iran during the month of October. The Iranian […]

Scarless or A Less Noticeable Procedure

By Emina Karamanovski English is my third language. Learning languages taught me to pay attention to the meaning of words and probably forced me to become more precise in the way I use them. Follicular unit excision or FUE have been described as a scarless procedure. The word scarless is misleading since cutting skin or […]

What Does Church Have To Do With Hair Transplantation?

By Emina Karamanovski In many years of helping people restore hair, I have seen only a handful of times when the result of hair restoration has touched someone to tears. It is especially rare to see a man tear up from joy.  Two patients and two different life stories but their joy was for the […]

More than Aesthetics: Hair Transplants Can Protect Your Scalp Among Other Things

By Emina Karamanovski The other day an older gentlemen came for a consultation. He wanted to restore hair not because he wanted to look younger nor because he needed to boost his self-esteem but he was simply tired of having to protect his head from sun. He was tired of having to wear a cap […]

The Young Man Losing Hair: An Update on Current Strategies

In a previous video featured on YouTube and on this Web site, I discussed the dangers of performing hair transplants in men who are too young. Age is a relative thing and it depends on how much baldness one has, how fast that hair loss is, what kind of hair quality (density, thickness, color, curliness, […]

The Basics Course in Hair Restoration at the ISHRS This Fall

I have been asked to co-chair the basics course at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery this year, which will be the first time doing so. I did teach there last year and gave a lecture on recipient-site anesthesia and tumescence. I have been really excited about actually chairing it this year, which gives […]

New Ways to Think of Recipient Sites: Micropunches & Lateral Slits

There is perhaps not a day or maybe week that goes by without my thinking of how to perform more beautiful artwork for the head. Is it all just the same thing? I certainly do not think so. I have worked on constantly refining my thinking of how to create better results. Recipient sites, the […]

Does Adding Acell to PRP Really Matter?

The “magic sauce” that I talked about in my previous blog involved platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Acell. The question though is whether adding Acell, a porcine bladder matrix, does anything? I know many physicians who only use PRP and think Acell is redundant. Having now done several cases with Acell, I would beg to […]

Low Thyroid, Hair Loss and Eyebrow Transplant

Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and personally experienced the horror of hair loss that many women share. One of the symptoms associated with it was hair loss. Beside the fact that my hair was shedding more than usual, it was becoming alarmingly thinner. As I was diagnosed and my thyroid problems treated, my hair […]

The Atlanta Meeting in Hair Restoration 2013

I just got back from running my course in Atlanta on hair restoration that involved a new hands-on component. I look at it as a mini-St. Louis Course, the main course that I run each year that is a very extensive hands-on course. This is my second year running the Atlanta meeting and I am […]

Bimatoprost (Latisse) for Hair Loss

I try my best to keep up with the latest and greatest in the world of hair restoration. As many of the ladies know Latisse by Allergan Inc., the makers of Botox, has been a runaway success for extending eyelashes and making them thicker and longer. Bimatoprost, the generic name for Latisse, is a prostaglandin […]

Preview of the St. Louis Hair Transplant Course

I cannot believe that this will be the fifth year that Emina and I will be running our St. Louis Hair Transplant 360 Workshop, which has grown, matured, and evolved. The cornerstone of the workshop has always been excellent didactics and extensive hands-on training using cadaver tissues and models. Emina has come up with some […]

Progress on Hair Transplant 360, Volume 3 (my new book)

As many of you know Emina and I each wrote texbooks, Hair Transplant 360, volumes 1 and 2, respectively, a few years ago. Attending so many major meetings, I realized that even though our books are still highly relevant I needed a new volume that would reflect the multi-author, international perspective along with featuring the […]

Our New Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) System: Buckets of PRP

As many of my patients know, I truly believe that prior to October 2011, we were in the Dark Ages of Hair Restoration. Of course, we always performed great work at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. However, we did not have the “magic sauce”, a term I affectionately refer to PRP, or platelet rich […]

New Vibration Device to Decrease Discomfort during a Hair Transplant

Pain control is so very important for every patient. I take that concern to an extreme level. As many of you know for my conventional linear harvesting (standard hair transplant) where discomfort can be greater, we have every patient under what is known as Level 2 conscious sedation, meaning patients do not feel anything. If […]

Transgender Hairlines

Hair loss that affects men can be devastating. Hair loss in men who believe that they are truly women can be exponentially worse. They do not have the option of shaving their head and their gender identity can be worsened because of it. By being sensitive to this kind of plight is the first step. […]

Working With the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in 2013

I thought that my patients would be interested in how I have worked with the ISHRS this year, an organization that I am very proud to be a member of and when my application is approved this Fall, I should be one of the first inductees to be a Fellow status in the organization. Fellowship […]

“Doctor, I am Concerned Someone Will Notice My Hair Transplant?”

I have heard these words many times throughout my hair-transplant consultations, usually leading to the next sentence, “Please make my result as conservative as possible.” That sounds intuitively appealing but it is really not the right answer. I totally understand the issue with one’s fear that a result will be spotted out, especially since hair […]

Understanding Hair Transitions on the Scalp When Performing Hair Transplant

When trying to create a natural result in a hair transplant, there are so many factors to consider in getting a result that looks amazing. One factor that is little talked about is how to transition from one part of the scalp to another, e.g., the hairline to the midscalp, from the vertex to the […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews Scalp Micropigmentation as an Adjunct for Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is an art of illusion trying to make a bald man look as if he has a full head of hair. Most of the times surgical hair restoration alone is sufficient to accomplish this task. However, at times other techniques like medical management can help to delay and partly reverse the hair loss […]

What Can the Robot Not Replace in Hair Restoration

Robots are meant to perform repeated, technically precise work that a human hand cannot perform reliably. In this case the ARTAS Robotic FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technology does an incredible job at harvesting hairs with utmost precision in a distribution pattern that affords maximal camouflage in an individual who wants to keep his hair short. […]

Unmatched Experience is the Key to Excellent and Natural Hair Transplants

I love to tell the story of when I was sitting in the audience of a facial plastic surgery conference in San Diego with an esteemed colleague of mine who did not do hair transplants. My colleague said in a haughty way that he could easily tell a hair transplant since they all looked rather […]

My Hair Transplant Team: Why It Matters

It may have been a little while since I have likened my hair transplant team to a Formula One race team but I believe it is worth restating that here and elaborating on why I feel that way. Another example is the peloton in the bicycling world: without the team to help bring the team […]

MicroPunch Technique for Hair Restoration

One thing that I have been fascinated about and has been a technique that I have favored is the use of micropunch instruments. Rather than using a needle or chisel blade, I oftentimes prefer a very tiny punch instrument in which I can remove between 0.5 to 1 mm in size of bald tissue into […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews Nanogen for Topical Camouflage

I have offered almost every patient that has come through my door advice about topical camouflage products that could be helpful in the goal of camouflaging hair loss. I have directed them to the Internet to purchase products, my favorite one being Nanogen, but I have decided to start stocking the product in my office […]

Who is a Candidate for the ARTAS Robot and Who Is Not

I hope that by reading my last few blogs that you do not believe that the Robot is ideal for all individuals interested in undergoing a hair transplant. I still believe the majority of men and particularly women do just fine with the traditional linear harvesting method. Because the hair needs to be shaved and […]

The Cole Gun for Tumescent Anesthesia in Hair Restoration

Every year and every day I am seeking to attain better hair transplant results and the way to accomplish that task is to enlist better instruments, techniques, and ancillary measures. One small but prominent addition to my practice over the past year has been the use of the Cole tumescent gun that allows me to […]

Red, Yellow, Green Light: Ways I Communicate About Candidates for Hair Transplant Safety

I was on the panel for the Basics course at the ISHRS annual meeting in the Bahamas and explained my algorithm for how I speak with patients in a constructive and efficient manner, and my colleague sitting next to me wrote down my algorithm saying it was a great idea. Accordingly, I thought I should […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews Acell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Transplants

Over a year ago I started incorporating the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Acell into my hair transplant cases, at first tentatively and now in a robust and standard fashion. I believe this is why it is so important to go to every major hair transplant meeting you can because it can change […]

The ISHRS Fall 2012 Meeting in the Bahamas

Unfortunately, I did not see much sun while I was in the Bahamas for the 2012 Fall ISHRS meeting. Partly because there was little sun to be had (it was raining most days) but also because I was simply enraptured by all the meetings that had a huge learning impact on me. I also was […]

Shave and Non-shave FUE

One of the biggest barriers to having the ARTAS Robotic FUE (follicular unit excision) done is that you must shave your head down to 1 mm for the Robot to work. We will do that for you at the beginning of the procedure. Younger men who are used to wearing their hair short realize how […]

What the ISHRS Means to Me

I have attended the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) annual meeting almost every year for the past decade even when it has been in remote settings like Amsterdam, which it is in a foreign city about every third year to appeal to the foreign audience membership and to live up to the organization’s […]


Although this blog is not intended to denigrate any manufacturer, it is intended to help the reader understand what went into my decision process to incorporate ARTAS over Neograft and other types harvesting methods for FUE. To make it very simple, there are no other methods of harvesting FUE grafts as precise as what a […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and LaserCap for Hair Loss

One of the most important developments I got from the 2012 Bahamas International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) meeting was talking with Dr. Michael Rabin of LaserCap. I have been spending the last few years investigating the efficacy of laser technology on hair loss, which is known as low-level laser therapy or LLLT. At […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews the Latest Information on Minoxidil

Minoxidil, marketed as Rogaine, is one of the mainstays of treatments for hair loss. It is an over-the-counter medication used to treat hair loss that is both safe and effective. Although we do not know exactly the pathway by which it works, it works in synergy with Finasteride (Propecia) and should be considered in combined […]

Welcome Back Emina and Introducing Our New ARTAS Robot for Hair Restoration!

My hair-transplant coordinator, Emina Karamanovski, was on an extended hiatus over the past year working as the national training director for ARTAS Robotic FUE System by Restoration Robotics. She did an amazing job during that time to train physicians across the United States and the world including me on the ARTAS system. Although she had […]

Former Training Director for Restoration Robotics Rejoins the Lam Institute

Emina Karamanovksi, Former Training Director for Restoration Robotics Rejoins the Lam Institute Emina Karamanovksi, a member of Dr. Lam’s hair transplant staff for a number of years prior to her joining Restoration Robotics, Inc. as their national and international training director, is rejoining the staff as a member of the FUE hair transplant team at […]

Dr. Sam Lam Reviews the Latest Information on Finasteride

Finasteride has unfortunately gotten a bad rap of late in the media due to the release of the article, “Persistent Sexual Side Effects of Finasteride for Male Pattern Hair Loss”, in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (Volume 8, Issue 6, June 2011) written by lead author, Michael S. Irwig MD. Coming back from the 2012 […]

ARTAS Robotic FUE System

The ARTAS system is the latest in the development of the FUE (follicular unit excision) method, also referred to as FUE Hair Transplant. Traditionally, a linear strip is taken from the back of the head and if done well (which I do), the incision should not be detectable unless the hair is shorn very close […]

FUE Hair Transplants Available Using ARTAS System by Restoration Robotics, Inc.

Follicular unit excision, also known as FUE, is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure in which hair follicles are harvested from the back of the scalp with no incision. Newly developed, FDA-cleared, technology has been developed by Restoration Robotics, Inc. that assists hair transplant surgeons in harvesting hair follicles with minimally invasive techniques. Called the […]

The Fundamental Shape for the Hairline From a Profile View

Hair Transplant Hairline Principles from a Profile View (from Hair Transplant 360, Lam SM, Jaypee Brothers, 2011) When I design a hairline I not only stand in front of the patient, but I go to every angle of the patient to make sure my design work looks good, symmetric, and natural. The side view of […]

Dr. Lam Featured in New Beauty Magazine Article on Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Here is an article on eyebrow hair transplants that I was featured in:

Whose Before and Afters are you Really Looking at?

When you look at a hair-transplant clinic’s before-and-after photographs, what are you really seeing? The number one issue that I have with large clinic chains is the use of pooled photographs that represent the work of surgeons from across the world who work at those Wade Bogg’s Hair Transplant Results clinics past and present. That […]

Understanding Global Hair Angles and Directions used for a Hair Transplant

Throughout these blog articles, I have emphasized the need to respect natural hair angles and directions when performing a hair-transplant procedure for optimal naturalness in the result as well as for superlative visual hair density. However, I have not globally discussed all of the hair angles and directions required for the entire head. As a […]

Designing Hair Patterns for Hair Restoration Based on Usable Donor Hair

In an ideal world, even the baldest man could have a fulfilling hair transplant and have his entire head covered with hair again. Obviously, this is realistically not always the case. It is a question of supply and demand: supply being how much usable donor hair there is to transplant the area and demand being […]

Phase 2 Training for Hair-Transplant Assistants

Phase 2 training can be done in a live human patient or more ideally with cadaver tissue. Since I run a course using cadavers in St. Louis, I can help bridge a hair-transplant assistant from foam tissue to a live model with more ease. Just like in Phase 1 training, the goal is to master […]

Phase 1 Training for Hair Transplant Assistants

One thing that I am very proud of is that my team at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration has developed training of assistants worldwide. We do this through our textbook, Hair Transplant 360, volume 2, which is the first ever book for hair-transplant assistants and in our course, Hair Transplant Workshop, in St. Louis, […]

Understanding Transitions of the Scalp and Why They are Important

When I design recipient sites for hair restoration I am always cognizant that each site must blend naturally to the adjacent sites for several reasons. First, hair naturally slowly transitions in angle from one area to another. In a natural untransplanted scalp no hair angles abruptly change so for optimal naturalness these gradual transitions must […]

Is Hair Restoration Just a Job?

Like anything in life, don’t pursue something if you are not passionate about it. Many of my facial plastic surgery colleagues are intrigued why I love hair transplant so much. They see hair transplants as a tedious, boring job where thousands of grafts are meticulously placed into the head. I see it as an amazing […]

Thinking of Visual Walls When Building Up the Frontal Region of the Scalp

The goal of hair restoration is to build up enough hair density that one does not have much see-through effect. Put another way, rows upon rows of hair grafts must be placed so that each row adds to the visual effect of blocking one’s view of the bald scalp behind it. This brief article will […]

The Concept of the Extended Central Forelock in Hair Restoration

The central forelock is one of the most important concepts that exist for hair restoration. If the central forelock, that lies immediately behind the hairline looks empty, the person will remain looking bald. Every graft that is situated in the central forelock also blocks light from the front and the two 45-degree side angles as […]

The Picket Fence Effect from Bad Recipient Angles in Hair Restoration

One of the most important concepts when designing recipient sites, i.e., the “holes” into which the hair grafts will be placed, is to make very low angled sites, especially near and at the hairline. What I like to call the “picket-fence” look is due to the fact that recipient sites are made almost 90 degrees […]

Hair Loss Products: Do They Work?

I just finished a phone consultation with a gentleman from North Carolina that prompted me to write this blog article. He saw a hair clinic chain that sold him a special product that contained minoxidil (Rogaine) along with other vitamins for several hundred dollars. He was also sold a shampoo service for $2000 for which […]

Passion in Hair Restoration and in Everything

At times I get the question during a consultation, “What makes you better than [fill in the blank name]”? Even though I may spend 30 minutes detailing every little nuance of what makes us better: a more artistically designed and customized hairline, better donor harvesting and donor closure, better recipient site creation, more gentle graft […]

Regional Hair Restoration: How to Select Hairs for Optimal Graft Placement

Many times hairs are just moved from the back of the head to the front of the head based on the number of hairs that are bundled in each follicular unit. For example, 1-hair grafts are placed into the front hairline and 2-hair grafts behind that and so on. However, little is paid to the […]

Building Temple Hair When Building the Anterior Hairline Can be Important for Balance and Naturalness in Hair Restoration

In the past decade, attending almost every meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), I have witnessed topics of growing interest. I believe that temple restoration or also known as temporal point restoration has become a very major part of creating aesthetically pleasing and balanced hairline work. As mentioned in previous articles, […]

Temporal Points: What Are They and Who Should Get Them?

One of the biggest topics that has fascinated hair-transplant surgeons, at least as presented at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is temporal point transplantation. The temporal point is the hair point that emanates forward from the temple that can be reconstructed to frame the face from the side as part of an […]

Understanding Recipient Dominance in Hair Transplantation

The principle of modern hair restoration is predicated on “donor dominance.” Donor dominance refers to the concept that hair transplanted from the donor area (back of the head) and placed into the front (recipient area) will never be lost despite ongoing hair loss due to the fact that the transplanted donor hair retains its native […]

Hair Transplant Recovery: Social and Professional Concerns During Your Recovery

One of the major topics that patients ask about hair transplant surgery is “What is the recovery process like?” or “When can I go back to work?” I try to frame the answer in such a way as to help that person understand the situation as well as possible so that he can make a […]

Kevin James, Ralph Macchio, Their Hairpieces, and Understanding the Lid Effect

I was watching the movie Grown Ups the other day and I could not help but stare at Kevin James’ hairpiece. Most likely you did not even notice it. The reason that I see results that look fake and you may not is that I have significant experience with hair restoration and know how to […]

The Principles of Making Results Seamlessly Natural Results for Hair Transplants Even Close Up

Many of the other blog articles have touched upon various elements of quality control that lead to excellent surgical outcomes. What I would like to do is to talk more globally about problems that I see that make a hair transplant result look fake when looking closely at the work. Unfortunately, the public thinks that […]

What I Learned from Writing Questions for the Board Exam in Hair Restoration

As many of you know, I am an active participant in the education of other surgeons. I run a national course on hair restoration and also participate as faculty in many workshops. I also have written a textbook on hair restoration, Hair Transplant 360, along with many scientific articles on the subject. Most recently, I […]

Understanding the Importance of Graft-to-Site Fit in Hair Transplantation

A graft must fit a recipient site like a hand fits a glove perfectly. Too tight and the graft becomes pinched inward leading to either hair death or a tufted fake appearance. Too loose or too deep and the hair can fall inward into the site and cause unnatural pitting. Too short a site will […]

Basic Hairline Shapes Created for Hair Transplant

Although there are many types of hairlines that can be designed, for the sake of simplicity I try to discuss two basic shapes when I lecture to students at my hair-transplant course in St. Louis every year. They are the bell-shape and the round-shape. The bell shape is a narrower design that changes from a […]

Is Hair Restoration Artistic?

Is hair restoration an artistic endeavor? Or in fact is it simply a rudimentary technical procedure in which hair is placed into the head and only the sheer number of grafts count? I will explain in a point-by-point manner why hair restoration is truly artistic in my opinion, focusing on three major elements: macro hairline […]

Understanding the Role of Sentinel Hairs in Hair Transplants

A sentinel hair is defined as a single-hair graft that stands 1 to 3 mm in front of the hairline. These 1-hair grafts are intended to blur the hairline visually, i.e., to make the line look less like a line. They are the tiny archipelagos/islands that border and float near the hairline that make the […]

Finasteride and Minoxidil: Playing a Piano with Two Hands

Many patients ask me which is better finasteride (Propecia) or minoxidil (Rogaine)? Or, do I have to take both if I am already on one of them? The answer to the first question is that I personally believe that 70% of the results from medical management comes from finasteride so as a single treatment option […]

Defining The Three Central Scalp Zones and Their Importance

When I strategize to rebuild the head with transplanted grafts, I think globally and I think specifically. Thinking globally refers to how I distribute my grafts over a wide area of balding scalp based on priority. Thinking specifically means how do I think about smaller regions of the scalp for hair restoration. This blog article […]

Christian Slaters Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is as much an art as it is a science. Many times we simply see very bad hair transplant work that scares us into not wanting to have the procedure done. When the procedure is done well, it is seamless. Take Christian Slater’s hair transplant, which I think is both natural and artistically […]

Scalp Massages Following Hair Restoration

After repeated hair transplants, the donor area can become tighter over time. Even some individuals who have never had a hair transplant may be born with relatively tight scalps. In these individuals when I feel the back of the scalp and it feels tighter than I would like, I prepare them for surgery with 2 […]

Steve Van Zandt, The Sopranos, and His Hairpiece

We all know that we can recognize a bad hairpiece or a bad wig when we see one, right? Yes. However, hair systems today can be quite natural in appearance even to the most experienced eyes. Woven, natural hairpieces can escape the detection of many individuals looking at them like John Travolta’s. However, perhaps one […]

Camouflaging Products to Cover Baldness with or without a Hair Transplant Procedure

Many times we tend to forget about the benefit of camouflaging products in the goal to disguise baldness. We focus instead on surgical hair restoration and/or medical management with finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine). However, products like Nanogen, Toppik, and Dermmatch are excellent ways to cover up baldness using topical powders and creams that reduce […]

Joe Biden: Thoughts About His Hair Transplants

Obviously, there are many examples of bad hair transplants out there. I thought I would blog briefly about what is going on with Joe Biden’s hair-transplant result. Although his hair transplant was done during the era of “plug” grafts, the reason that his hair transplant does not look truly that bad is that his hairs […]

Dutasteride (Avodart) and My Current Position Statement on It

Dutasteride (Avodart) is marketed exclusively for benign prostatic hyperplasia, i.e., to reduce an enlarged prostate to improve urinary flow. However, that does not mean that it is unsafe or not recommended for hair loss since the company (GlaxoSmithKline) that manufacturers it has never sought the indication for hair loss from the Food & Drug Administration […]

Scarring Alopecias: What You Need to Know for Hair Transplantation

There are many types of scarring alopecias (scarring hair loss) like lichen planopilaris, discoid lupus erythematosis, etc. This article will not try to review all the many types of histologic (tissue) diagnoses but to explain what goes through my head as a hair-transplant surgeon when encountering various scarring alopecias for possible hair restoration. When I […]

Examples of Female Hairline Variations

There are many types of female hairlines that exist in nature. It is important for every serious hair-transplant surgeon to study these natural variations before considering to undertake a hair-transplant procedure on a woman to ensure that the result is natural and also appealing. Some of the basic tenants of a female hairline is that […]

After-Care Instructions After a Hair Transplant

Following a hair transplant, many surgeons have differing ways to manage and guide a patient through that process so if you are not my patient I always differ to your surgeon who did your procedure. For my patients, here are the basic things to know in your after care. Immediately following the procedure, there can […]

Trichotillomania and Hair Restoration

Trichotillomania describes a condition in which an individual repeatedly pulls his or her hair out of one’s head or other body parts due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Sometimes trichotillomania is accompanied by ingesting the hair causing a condition of indigestible hair products in the stomach known as a trichobezoar that may require surgical excision. […]

How To Grasp A Hair Follicle: Avoiding Kinky Hair Growth

What the consumer oftentimes fails to understand is that a well-trained and dedicated hair transplant assistant is a vital component to achieving excellent cosmetic outcomes in a hair-transplant procedure. Many times a consumer looks at the reputation of the surgeon or a brand name outfit for reasons to select that entity to do the hair […]

Jude Laws Central Forelock

Jude Law’s Central Forelock The actor Jude Law has significant hair loss but does not seem that bald in appearance simply because he has a relatively strong retained central forelock. (I believe he has had a hair transplant by the way.) As a reminder, the central forelock is the tuft of hair that sits immediately […]

When Hair Grows after a Hair Transplant

A burning question I receive all the time is when does hair start to grow after a hair transplant. Obviously, everyone is different, and I have seen a wide range of times that hair starts to grow after a procedure. However, there are averages of time that are worth expressing herein so as to guide […]

Understanding Traction Alopecia and The Role of Hair Restoration

Traction alopecia refers to hair loss that arises from hair being pulled too tightly for too long causing permanent destruction to that hair. Most typically, this condition is caused by tight hair braiding, as seen more commonly in African-American women. Fortunately, this kind of hair loss is known as a non-scarring type of hair loss, […]

Punch Instruments for Hair Restoration: What is Their Role

Over the past 8 years, I have explored and now ultimately embraced the beauty of the punch instrument when dealing with bald scalp. The punch instrument is tiny, encompassing 0.75 mm, 1 mm, and 1.25 mm, and do not at all look like the old 4 mm punch instruments that were used during the old […]

Tony Horton from P90X and the Problem of Ongoing Hair Loss in the Temples Combined with a Hairpiece

First of all, let me get this out of the way, I love Tony Horton; and I love P90X, which I completed in March of this year. Recently, I attended a live training session that he conducted on behalf of his new book, Bring It!, and that confirmed for me that in fact he was […]

Why I Do Not Charge Per Graft for My Hair Transplant Services

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is “How much do you charge per graft?” The answer is that I don’t, which usually puzzles my patients to no end (Please review our hair transplant cost page for additional information) I decided to write a blog article explaining my philosophy more in-depth. First, […]

Understanding the Hair Curl in Hair Transplantation

I believe one of the major contributions that my clinic has given to the scientific literature is a focus on the importance of hair curl, which is covered in the second volume of my book, Hair Transplant 360. The hair curl describes how every hair shaft, no matter how straight or curly, has a slight […]

Understanding Global Hair Angles and Directions used for a Hair Transplant

Hair Angles and Directions for Good Hair Transplant Results Throughout these blog articles, I have emphasized the need to respect natural hair angles and directions when performing a hair-transplant procedure for optimal naturalness in the result as well as for superlative visual hair density.  However, I have not globally discussed all of the hair angles […]

Jamie Foxx: Designing an African-shaped Hairline

Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant looks natural and appropriate for his ethnicity. When designing hairlines for a person, it is important to consider that individual’s ethnicity and gender. For African-American hairlines, the shape is oftentimes square even despite ongoing aging. Clearly with hair loss, there is a blunting or loss at the fronto-temporal angles like in […]

The Mirror Effect: Combining 2-D and 3-D Hairlines in Hair Restoration

One of the original ideas that I have been working on is why and how to use a mirror when designing a hairline. What I am always shocked by is that I will look at a patient and draw in a proposed hairline then look at the hairline with the patient in the mirror to […]

Tiger Woods: Designing a New Hairline, Should It Be African or Asian in Design?

As everyone knows when they watch Tiger Woods play without a baseball cap, he is in serious need of a hair transplant. Perhaps the media attention has focused on other aspects of his life that he seems to be losing control of more than his hairline but for the sake of this blog, let’s focus […]

The Principle of Convergence: How to Leverage Grafts in Hair Transplantation

In the past two years I have made a small but significant modification to my hair transplant work that I would like to share with my prospective and established patients. The concept is convergence and how to place grafts especially toward the midline of the head in such a way as to achieve even greater […]

Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Although it is more acceptable to see hair loss in men as normal, it is not considered so in women. 30% of women over the age of 30 lose hair to some extent but sometimes it is not a genetic condition but related to hormonal changes that should be investigated. I rarely perform surgery on […]

Promotional Video for Hair Transplant Workshop in St. Louis 2011

Here is my course promotion for my Hair Transplant Cadaver Workshop for surgeons and assistants to be held on October 14-16, 2011 in St. Louis, MO, at St. Louis University:

Female Hair Restoration Strategies: The T and the L Design

Female hair restoration is always a special topic that is far different from how hair restoration is performed in men. Starting with the pattern of hair loss, many women typically lose their hair along the central forelock anteriorly with gradually less hair loss going backward toward the crown, which Elise Olsen has referred to as […]

Elton John’s Hairpiece

Hairpieces, wigs, caps, and hair systems come in all shapes, sizes, and quality. Sir Elton is clearly enamored with his hairpiece most likely because his hair loss is extensive enough that a hair transplant would not be able to fix the problem with sufficient cosmetic density for him. Someone with a Norwood 6 or 7 […]

Hair Loss After Pregnancy: When and Why

I have encountered many patients who experience hair loss after pregnancy and wonder what is going on. What happens during pregnancy is that the body is sustained at a high level of estrogen. Estrogen causes the hairs to stay in a prolonged state of anagen, or growth phase. When the estrogen is reduced at the […]

Matt Lauer Would Benefit from Rebuilding His Posterior Lateral Humps

As a studious observer of celebrity hair transplants, I remember a couple of years ago looking at Matt Lauer conducting an interview in which his bald crown was exposed. The area known as the posterior lateral hump (side temporal hair) has fallen since his previous hair transplant away from his vertex transition zone (the point […]

Can Hair Be Transplanted from Another Person?

A question that I receive several times a month is, “Can I use my friend’s hair for my hair transplant?” The answer is no. The reason for this case is that hair transplanted from another individual into your body will be treated as foreign and attacked by your immune system and ultimately rejected. This is […]

It Is Never Too Late To Have A Hair Transplant

When I was recently in Phoenix writing questions for the hair transplant board examination, I had a touching story recounted to me that I wanted to share with you. A fellow hair transplant surgeon had a patient come to him at 59 years of age to ask whether it would be considered too late to […]

Jeremy Piven’s Hair Transplant Donor Scars

Unfortunately, bad hair transplants make everyone fearful. Bad scars are no exception. This photograph of Jeremy Piven’s scar (the actor from Entourage) has certainly raised quite a bit of attention. It compels me to write about why good harvesting techniques should avoid a scar that looks as bad as his does. Although one cannot shave […]

Parallel vs. Perpendicular Sites in Hair Restoration

There has been a controversy over the past few years regarding the best method to make a recipient site. There are basically two ways to make recipient sites parallel (also known as sagittal) and perpendicular (also known as lateral slits, or coronal). A recipient site, as a reminder, is the “hole”, or slit, that is […]

Latisse for Hair Loss

A recent article in the New York Times featured the use of Latisse (bimatoprost 0.03%) for the treatment of hair loss. As many of you may know, this Allergan-produced product is indicated for use for thinning eyelashes. With the overwhelming response from my staff and patients, the product does work well. I myself just started […]

Hair Transplant for the Crown Part 5: Creating the Right Pattern and Density Allocation

To conclude this blog article series on crown hair restoration, we leave the most complicated part to the end. This article combines much of the knowledge that has been presented in the first four parts of this article series into a composite whole so some prerequisite knowledge is assumed. This article will focus on how […]

Hair Transplant for the Crown Part 4: Creating the Right Angles and Transitions

To continue our series on crown restoration, this article will focus on creating the right angles and transitions during the procedure. When viewed from a profile, a patient without hair in the crown looks bald because there is a relative flattening of the crown. To restore the round appearance of the crown it is important […]

Hair Transplant For The Crown Part 3: Understanding The Regions Of The Crown

This brief article will discuss the regions of the crown and why they are important when designing a crown for hair transplantation. The crown can be divided into three geographic zones that run like bands across the scalp: the vertex transition zone, or vertex transition point; the upper arc; and the lower arc. The vertex […]

Hair Transplant for the Crown Part 2: Types of Hair Loss and Hair Growth in the Crown and The Billboard Effect

For the sake of completeness, it is worth starting our discussion of crown restoration by understanding the types of hair loss that occur in the crown as well as the types of hair growth patterns as well. Finally, we will discuss the principle of the “billboard effect” which is to say why crown transplants may […]

Hair Transplant for the Crown Part 1: Understanding the Importance of the Crown

Hair transplant into the crown is one of the most complicated areas to understand for both patients and for beginning surgeons. In order to comprehend the benefits and limitations of crown hair transplant in a comprehensive and clear manner, it is better to split this into a 5-part series, with each article focused on one […]

Defining Hair Transplant Scalp Regions: The Lateral Crease

Throughout many of these articles on hair restoration, I am trying to open up to you the reader the technical terms that I use in my day-to-day discussions and thoughts. This article will focus on one particular region of the scalp, the lateral crease. The lateral crease may be more colloquially defined as the line […]

Donor Closures in Hair Transplant: Are they All the Same?

We too often focus on the results of hair restoration, i.e., how the transplanted hairs look, and forget the importance of the donor area. I like to call this the “bank” since withdrawals are made from this area and it is important to preserve the “funds” here for future withdrawals. However, too often, the donor […]

Designing a Temporal Point in Hair Restoration: Why, In Whom, and How?

The temporal point has become a much-vaulted point of discussion in many of the recent International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) meetings. When discussing the temporal point, the conversation is reserved here for men, as women typically do not have a pronounced temporal point (but still have one to a lesser effect). A strong […]

Handling Tissues Gently in Hair Restoration

My mentor always taught me, “Sam, no amount of ice can replace the gentle hand of a surgeon.” Those words have remained fixed in my mind every time I approach a patient and his/her tissues. Training for many years as a surgeon, I saw the full gamut of surgeons at work: some with delicate hand […]

The Female Hairline In Depth

One of my passions is female hairline reconstruction. A large reason why is that it is one of the technically most challenging and artistically demanding parts of the head to do and to do right. Unlike a male hairline in which all the hairs angle perfectly straight forward, the female hairline if done correctly goes […]

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE): Yes or No

Over the past few years, there has been ever increasing popularity of harvesting hair without an incision on the back of the head. This technique is known as Follicular Unit Excision, or FUE for short. It also has been called by other abbreviations, FOX, FIT, etc., all meaning the same thing. Although this method has […]

Persistent Sexual Dysfunction with Finasteride: A New Study

What has been making rounds on the Internet this past week is a shocking report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that states that finasteride (marketed as Propecia) for hair loss can cause permanent impotence and related sexual problems. Merck, the manufacturer of the product, has reported between 3 to 8% incidence of sexual side […]

Vertex Transition Zone: Why It is Important and What Does it Mean

The vertex transition zone (VTZ), or vertex transition point, can also be thought of as the posterior “hairline” in that it forms the transition from the flat, horizontal midscalp and the vertical plane of the crown. As a reminder, the anterior hairline, or hairline, is formed at the intersection of the forehead and the horizontal […]

Understanding the Role of the Trichophytic Closure in Hair Transplants

The donor area where hair is taken should be treated with the same degree of meticulous respect as the transplanted area. A good donor closure begins with excellent donor harvesting: when the hairs are cleanly removed without notable transection of the hair shafts, the nerve and blood supply are preserved, and the wound is clean […]

Why Interlocking Is So Important in Making Recipient Sites for Hair Transplants

There are so many aspects to making excellent recipient sites during a hair-transplant procedure including angle, tilt, direction, pattern, density, etc. We will just focus on one aspect: interlocking. As a reminder to the general reader, recipient sites are the “holes” that are created by the surgeon into which the dissected hair grafts will be […]

The Role of Tumescence in Hair Restoration: A Ship at High Tide

All donor closures are not the same, nor is all donor hair harvesting. What is a prerequisite to good donor harvesting and closures is excellent tumescence. Tumescence refers to the injection of fluid under the skin the area for donor harvesting and closure prior to undertaking the harvesting. In this article, we will discuss how […]

Hair Transplant Testimonial (Update)

Hair Transplant Testimonial (Update) I just posted this hair transplant testimony of a gentleman who was also kind enough to do a video recovery journal several months ago.  I am posting his results so far (as growth should continue to occur over the next few months), his video testimonial, and his original video recovery diary. This […]

Hair Transplant and Young Men: Safety First

Male hair transplant procedures for young men is perhaps one of the most important if not the most important article I will be writing in this blog series, especially considering the preponderance of young men who are on the Internet searching for solutions for their hair loss. With my YouTube channel, I have personally encountered […]

Regions of the Head for Hair Transplant Part 4 of 4: The Crown

The final area of the scalp that I am going to address is the crown. It is also known as the vertex. Some surgeons differentiate between the two terms, but I personally think that the two should be synonymous. The crown rests on the posterior vertical scalp transitioning to the posterior midscalp (on the horizontal […]

Regions of the Head for Hair Transplant Part 3 of 4: The Lateral Humps

The lateral humps are the areas of the scalp that fall on the sides of the head. They start, as mentioned in the second part of this series, from the transition of the horizontal plane of the midscalp as it transitions over to the vertical side plane of the head and they end just above […]

Regions of the Head for Hair Transplant Part 2 of 4: The Midscalp

The midscalp is the term used to describe anything behind the hairline zone, which in turn is defined as the first 2 to 3 centimeters in the front part of the transplant. The midscalp extends from behind the hairline zone all the way back to the crown. The area at which the midscalp turns into […]

Regions of the Head for Hair Transplant Part 1 of 4: The Central Forelock

In this article series, I will investigate some of the vital areas of the scalp that are transplanted and how I go about doing that. The terms that I describe here are ones that I use to communicate with my team and also how I strategize my approach to transplanting the scalp. The only area […]

What Hair Loss Products Actually Work?

Fortunately, today there are medical solutions to manage male pattern baldness, which if started earlier can afford better results. The Internet is filled with hawkers of miracle cures, but there are only two FDA-approved products, finasteride (marketed as Propecia) and minoxidil (marketed as Rogaine) that have proven efficacy. First, we must understand how we lose […]

Recognizing Fake Hairlines in Hair Transplants

I was at a conference two weeks ago in San Diego sitting next to a colleague of mine who deplored how fake hair transplants can be. I said that my results can look utterly natural even at close range and I showed him some of my photographic results. He was impressed. However, I challenged him […]

Ethnic Hairline Designs for Hair Transplantation

When creating a hairline for a particular individual, it is important to consider many factors, one important element is ethnic sensitivity. Hairlines differ based on gender, facial shape, and age as well, and these are starting points for any physician in his/her design work. However, ethnic differences will be the focus of this article, as […]

How To Control Pain in a Hair Transplant Procedure

Like any surgical procedure, pain can be part of your experience. The goal of this article is to describe ways to manage or minimize this part of a hair-transplant procedure. We will divide this article into how to manage discomfort during a procedure and then how to do so after one as well. What I […]

Scientists Identify A Possible Cure For Baldness

Reportedly, scientists at the University of California Los Angeles and the Veterans Administration accidentally found a possible cure for baldness when they were evaluating the effects of stress on the gastrointestinal tract. They found that a chemical compound could generate hair growth when a stress hormone associated with hair loss was blocked. Million Mugata, adjunct […]

How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

This is a basic article about how modern hair transplantation works with a little review of the history of hair restoration to understand how far we have come today. When many of my patients come to see me they are simply confused about how a hair transplant works and what they will need to do […]

Two Objectives of Hair Transplants: Framing the Face and Freedom of Hairstyle

When I perform a consultation with a prospective patient, I try to offer him/her the core objectives that one should consider for why to undergo a hair transplant procedure beyond the obvious, “I want to have hair to cover my bald scalp.” Yes, this is the basic reason to undergo hair restoration. However, I like […]

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Explained

As an excellent hair transplant procedure to the scalp can frame an aged-appearing face, strong eyebrows can frame an eye to make it look more attractive and rejuvenated. Eyebrow hair transplants have begun to come into vogue now that techniques and refinements have continued to create better and better results that are seamlessly natural and […]

Understanding Quality Work in Hair Restoration Part 2: The Role of the Team

Although it would seem that finding the right surgeon would qualify as the only thing that matters regarding hair transplantation, it is not the case. Finding the best team to do your work is equally important, as will be discussed in this article. Like building a first-class car, every person on the assembly line is […]

Understanding Quality Work in Hair Restoration Part 1: The Role of the Physician

Too often when we have a consultation with a prospective surgeon we are focused entirely on “graft count”. The question goes: “How many grafts will you give me to make my baldness look better?” Clearly without enough “paint” to cover the canvas, the result will be poor. However, if quantity of hair transplanted is a […]

Introduction to New Hair Transplant Blog

This hair-transplant Web site offers extensive information on the field of hair restoration and on hair loss but more specifically addresses how I think my practice differs from those of others in the industry in terms of quality delivery at every point in the hair-transplant procedure. It offers a significant number of before-and-after photographs of […]

Dr Lam Attends Hair Transplant Conference in London

Title: Dr Lam Attends Hair Transplant Conference in London Location: London, England Description: Dr Lam will attend Hair Transplant Conference in London Start Date: 2010-12-23 End Date: 2010-12-24 Call or visit our website to learn more about female hair transplant procedures or visit our female hair transplant photos.

Dr Lam Speaks in NYC

Title: Dr Lam Speaks in NYCLocation: New York, New YorkDescription: Dr Lam will be a guest speaker at an upcoming conference in NYC.Date: 2010-12-02

Hair Transplant Recovery Diary

This hair-transplant patient came to Dr. Sam Lam for a hair transplant and is shown almost daily discussing his recovery for the first 10 days to help you better understand the nature of the recovery process following hair restoration from the patient’s perspective:

Emina Wins 2010 ISHRS Distinguished Assistant Award

Emina Karamanovski, Hair Transplant Coordinator for Dr. Sam Lam in Dallas, Texas wins the Assistant of the Year Award in Boston, MA at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s 18th Annual Conference Gala night.

Achieving Naturalness by Orienting Hair Curl in Recipient Sites

Emina Karamanovski lectures on Achieving Naturalness by Orienting Hair Curl in Recipient Sites at the Surgical Assistant’s Program at the 18th Annual Conference of the ISHRS, Boston, MA, October 20, 2010.

David Lee Roth, Brown M & Ms, and Quality Hair Restoration

Hair Transplant Quality is based on team work. Dr. Lam talks about hair restoration quality using the story of David Lee Roth and the Brown M & Ms.

Hair Transplant Recovery Video

Dr. Lam’s hair transplant patient talks about his recovery over the first 9 days following his hair transplant procedure.

Female Hair Transplant Close-Up

This video was taken 8 months after hair transplant for female pattern baldness and shows the before and after results of female hair restoration.  There is a companion video of the patient giving a testimonial after her hair transplant procedure but this one focuses entirely on the close up inspection of the transplanted result. A […]

Female Hair Transplant Testimonial by Mary

Mary underwent hair transplant for female pattern baldness and tells about her experience and her results in this video testimonial.*  Please also see the accompanying post on her hairline as videoed close up to see the result more in detail.  We oftentimes think that hair loss really principally occurs in men but it is very […]

Message to Hair Transplant Assistants from Emina

Emina Karamanovski sends a message to hair transplant assistants to come to our course to be held in St. Louis on July 23-25, 2010 dedicated to beginner to advanced hair transplant assistants. For more information, visit

Hair Transplant Course for Physicians & Assistants

Dr. Sam Lam and Emina Karamanovski shoot a promotional video to encourage surgeons and their assistants to come to St. Louis to take their course on basic and advanced hair restoration for physicians and assistants.

Female Hair Transplant Testimonial by Clarice

Female hair transplant patient, Clarice, talks about her hair transplant results only four months following a hair transplant procedure for female pattern baldness/hair loss in this video testimonial. Please note that all video testimonials on this Web site are unpaid and uncompensated in any way. Clarice’s type of hair loss involved the anterior hairline and […]

Female Hairline Lowering Diary 2010 using Female Hair Transplant

This young lady who was born with a high forehead and a receded hairline underwent a female hairline lowering procedure using a female hair transplant technique. She was kind enough to film herself every day for 10 days to show her recovery period. Patients are very much interested not only in the outcome of a […]

Female Hairline Lowering: Focus on Fixing Bad Facelift & Browlift Scars

This woman had a browlift and facelift that left her with a high, unfeminine hairline as well as scarring in the brow, temple, and the area behind the ears. This video discusses the pattern that Dr. Lam used to rebuild the hairline in a feminine design. In order to understand how Dr. Lam achieves consistently […]

When Hair Grows After a Hair Transplant

Dr. Lam discusses basic postoperative care instructions but focuses on realistic ideas of when hair should start growing in the majority of patients following a hair transplant procedure. This video is only intended for Dr. Lam’s patients and not meant to give universal guarantees but expected guidelines of timing.

Female Hairline Lowering Close-Up

A female hairline is completely different and requires the skills and artistry to make it look natural when considering performing female hairline lowering. Female hairline lowering allows a woman with a high forehead or one that has recessed with aging or previous aggressive browlift to have a proper frame to the face and better stylability […]

2nd Annual Hair Transplant Course for Physicians and Assistants

I am very proud of our sell-out first year last year in which Emina and I co-directed our First Annual Hair Restoration course for budding hair transplant surgeons in St. Louis.  We have a stellar course lined up this year that is quadruple the size of last year with two levels for physicians and two […]

Dr. Samuel Lam (Luke Laminator) Wishes Emina (Yoda) a Happy Birthday!

Dallas hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam, would like to wish his hair transplant coordinator, Emina aka Yoda, a very special happy birthday! Watch the fun video of Emina and Digna’s Birthday:

Hair Transplant Graft Costs: My Philosophy

Hair Transplant per graft costs are a major concern for my prospective patients. In this video, I try to explain my philosophy regarding how I view this important subject. Hopefully, I can explain it better in this video than I can in a written text:

Hair Transplant Testimonial by J.P. from Dallas, Texas

Wonderful experience.  I would highly recommend Dr. Lam and the entire team.  Everyone made me feel at home.  Thank you!! J.P. Hair Transplant Patient Dallas, Texas

Emina, our Hair Transplant Coordinator, Lectures on how to Set Up your Medical Office

As part of the Hair Transplant course that Dr. Sam Lam directed in St. Louis, Emina Karamanovski, Dr. Lam’s hair transplant coordinator, lectures on how to set up an office environment conducive to hair restoration surgery in the following video: PART 1 OF 2: PART 2 OF 2:

Lectures on the Importance of Hair Recipient Site Creations

As the height of artistry, Dr. Sam Lam, Lectures on the Importance of Hair Recipient Site Creations. Dr Lam emphasizes the creation of recipient sites during hair restoration surgery, as part of course he directed in St. Louis on hair transplantation.  Here is the two-part video lecture series: PART 1 OF 2 PART 2 OF […]

The Principles of Female Hairline Design

Dallas hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam, describes the nuances of a female hairline to better understand how to perform a natural female hair transplant using the principles outlined in this video. The female hairline is completely different than a male hairline in that it is rounded and closed at the temples without any fronto-temporal […]

Anti-Scalability: Moving Away from Hair Transplant Factory

Is bigger better?  I personally do not think so.  Too many hair transplant outfits are focused on volume.  More and more people driven through the mill.  As a hair transplant surgeon, I am adamantly opposed to this philosophy, especially when it comes to the discipline of hair transplant surgery.  I truly believe that hair restoration […]

Emina lectures on Phase 1 Training for Hair Transplant Assistants

Emina Karamanovski, Dr. Sam Lam’s hair transplant coordinator, lectures on her original idea of so-called Phase 1 training using foam models for hair transplant assistants. Watch this two part series below: PART 1 OF 2 PART 2 OF 2

Darla Stewart, Hair Transplant Assistant, Lectures in St. Louis

Darla Stewart. Hair Transplant Assistant in Dallas, Texas, lectures in St. Louis on how to set up the surgery room for a hair transplant procedure, as part of the course run by Dr. Sam Lam.

Identical Twins, Sharen and Karen, Talk about Their Hair Transplant Results

Identical twins, Sharen and Karen, talk about their hair transplant results one year after one session.  They talk about their concerns about their hair loss, their hair transplant experience, and what they think about their results.  Watch their video on YouTube:

Dallas Hair Restoration Surgeon, Dr. Lam, Lectures in St. Louis on Ethnic Hair Restoration

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas hair transplant surgeon, lectures in St. Louis on ethnic hair restoration, encompassing African, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern hair restoration. Part 1: African and Asian Hair Transplant Part 2: Hispanic and Middle Eastern Hair Transplant

Dallas Hair Transplant Surgeon’s Course a Success!

The First Annual Hair Transplant Cadaver Workshop held in St. Louis and partnered with the ISHRS that was directed by Dr. Sam Lam of Dallas, Texas was completely sold out and went without a hitch.  Also, Dr. Lam and his faculty received outstanding reviews across the board for the educational value of the course.  Here […]

Dr. Sam Lam’s Hands-On Hair Transplant Workshop is Completely Sold Out

Dr. Sam Lam serves as national course director for the first of its kind 3 day hands-on hair transplant workshop at St. Louis University. The course is already completely sold out with 40 surgeons attending and 13 hair transplant assistants and a mounting waiting list already forming for next year’s course. Here is more information […]

Dr. Sam Lam, hair transplant surgeon, lectures in San Diego

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas hair transplant surgeon, lectures on how to incorporate hair restoration into your practice on October 1, 2009 in San Diego, California. In this lecture, he likens hair restoration to building a car and focuses on how quality hair restoration begins and ends with passion. Dr. Lam further focuses on how to […]

Dr. Sam Lam lectures in San Diego on "How I Do It" for Hair Restoration

Dr. Sam Lam lectures in San Diego and also runs the course as course director, discussing his technique for hair restoration on Saturday, October 3, 2009. This video lecture is intended for surgeons in which Dr. Lam discusses the intricacies of exactly how he undertakes each and every part of a hair restoration procedure, focusing […]

Emina Karamanovski, Hair Transplant Coordinator, lectures on Assistant Quality Control

Emina Karamanovski, Hair Transplant Coordinator, for Dr. Sam Lam lectures on quality control for hair transplant assistants. Ms. Karamanovski presented her original ideas in San Diego, California on October 3, 2009 as part of a course for which Dr. Lam served as course director. Her video lectures are divided into two parts:

Dr. Sam Lam, Dallas Hair Transplant Surgeon talks about Medical Management for Hair Loss

Dr. Sam Lam, hair transplant surgeon, talks about the role of Propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine (minoxidil) for management of hair loss without hair transplant or in combination with surgery. Understanding the risks, benefits, long-term gains, and shortcomings of these medications is an important first step for anyone considering surgical hair restoration with Dr. Lam (or […]

Dallas Hair Transplant Surgeon gives lecture in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai

Dallas hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam, lectured at Cedars-Sinai in LA on the subject of “Modern Techniques in Hair Transplant” on September 13, 2009.  Here is the two part video lectures that he gave:

Understanding Female Hair Loss and Female Hair Replacement Options

Understanding Female Hair Loss & Female Hair Transplants Before female hair loss can be treated effectively with medication and or surgical hair transplantation, a physician must engage in appropriate dialogue with a woman to determine what causes may be accounting for her hair loss so as to safely rectify or improve her condition. Many starting […]

Hair Transplant Surgeon Discusses the Lateral Hump

Hair Transplant Focus:  Understanding the Lateral Hump In my effort to educate the public on the facts of what I know as a hair transplant surgeon, I have come up with a video to discuss one particular part of the scalp, the lateral hump, in great detail to offer the thoughts of how I see […]

Hair Transplant Surgeon Thinks on the Box

Hair Transplant Surgeon Devises New Way of Seeing the Head for Hair Restoration Using a Box Model The art of hair restoration and hair transplant requires an excellent understanding of how hair grows on each part of the head.  I have devised a method of thinking of how the hair grows in each part of […]

Dr. Lams Blog Disclosures

The blog section that appears on, and any related information that appears on those websites are intended only for general educational and information purposes. Accordingly, any information contained on these above-stated websites should not be construed as medical advice, evaluation, or consultation and should never be considered a replacement for a formal evaluation by […]

Surgeon of the Month

Dallas, TX 2/19/09 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Forum names Sam Lam Surgeon of the month.

Regional Presentations

Dr. Lam’s Regional Presentations 2007 “Toward a New Aesthetic Paradigm“, Samuel M. Lam, M.D., F.A.C.S., Cosmetic Surgery Expo, September 8, 2007, Dallas, Texas. 2006 “Leadership“, Samuel M. Lam, M.D., Asian-American Youth Program, August 26, 2006, Dallas, Texas. 2006 “Latest Advances in Global Facial Rejuvenation: The Triangle of Youth“, Samuel M. Lam, M.D., Presbyterian Hospital of […]

International Presentations

Dr. Lam’s International Presentations 2008 “Hair Transplant Technique: How I Do It“, Samuel M. Lam, M.D., F.A.C.S., 5th International Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery, March 6, 2008, Cartagena, Colombia. 2008 “Hair Transplant Marketing in a Facial Plastic Surgery Practice“, Samuel M. Lam, M.D., F.A.C.S., 5th International Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery, March 6, 2008, Cartagena, […]

Course Instruction and Live Surgery

Course Instruction and Live Surgery Presentations 2007 Lab Faculty, Cadaveric Dissection Workshop, Contemporary Surgery of the Aging Face, St. Louis University, November 19-21, 2005, St. Louis, Missouri. 2007 Asian Face Course, American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Fall Meeting, September 19, 2007, Washington, D.C. 2006 Director, Advanced Injectable Workshop, December 2, 2006, Grapevine, […]

Hair Transplant Testimony- Margaret

The most important thing is, of course, medical and aesthetic competence. However, given those obvious issues, I think the thing I enjoyed most was the professional, upbeat attitude of every individual I met. Everyone always called me by name and shook my hand when possible. I love Dr. Lam’s consistently professional, friendly and energetic manner. […]

Hair Transplant procedure-J.C.

This has been one of the most amazing experiences that I have ever had in my life. Emina, Dr. Lam, Constanze, and the rest of the staff were absolutely amazing. They were with me every single step of the way and effectively addressed all of my concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Lam and Emina […]


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