This video was taken 8 months after hair transplant for female pattern baldness and shows the before and after results of female hair restoration.  There is a companion video of the patient giving a testimonial after her hair transplant procedure but this one focuses entirely on the close up inspection of the transplanted result.

A close-up video of a hairline after a hair transplant is about the closest thing that is possible for a prospective patient to evaluate the naturalness of a result shy of being able to see the person live.  Notice in this video the fine hair grafts that are allocated to the front of the hairline for the most natural results and also the stronger 2 to 3 hair grafts placed behind it in the cosmetically sensitive area of the central forelock to provide visual hair density.  The sweep and shape of the female cowlick and the closed rounded shape of the hairline are all attributes to the female hairline that have been carefully and passionately recreated for an optimal aesthetic result.