Hair Genome Test

The Hair Genome Test, has profoundly reshaped the landscape of how to determine optimal dosing and therapy for a particular individual, whether man or woman. In the past, a standard topical or oral dose of finasteride, minoxidil, etc. was prescribed but now with this technology a very specific dose can be administered with absolute precision to optimize efficacy and to minimize side effects. Dr. Lam encourages every patient to take this test who is contemplating to take medical therapy so that he can accurately formulate the ideal therapy mix specifically for you based on your genetic profile.

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The Hair Genome Test The way the test works is that a cotton swab is wiped inside your buccal mucosa of your mouth followed by a 30-minute questionnaire. The results are then sent to a specialized genetic laboratory to evaluate your exact genetic sensitivities to proposed medication with results coming back in about 3 to 4 weeks. During a consultation, he will help work with you to determine what would be your preferred route of administration so that he can use the returned data to determine how to mix your therapy. For example, you may prefer an oral therapy for easier compliance. With the data back from the test, he will be able to formulate a mix of finasteride and minoxidil exactly for you. Alternatively, if he is looking to use only a monotherapy like minoxidil alone, he will be able to see if that is the right fit for you. For example, if you are more resistant to minoxidil (as the test may show), it may suggest to be only on finasteride or require a higher dose of finasteride. If you prefer a topical route, he is able to create a precise mix that will work well for you.

There is so much information that the test offers that Dr. Lam now believes that almost every patient would benefit from the information that the test provides. For example, 30-50% of individuals have a lower sulfotransferase activity in the scalp. This enzyme is required to convert minoxidil into its active metabolite minoxidil sulfate. The enzyme is necessary in the scalp to activate topical minoxidil (Rogaine) but is bypassed with an oral minoxidil pill. However, for someone who prefers to be on a topical formulation, the test will either state that the topical dose is ineffective or that a higher percentage is required, for example, 9.5% (whereas 5% is standard). 14 genetic parameters are tested and include evaluation of glucocorticoid and tretinoin receptors to help with formulation of topical therapy. Initially, Dr. Lam believed that this test was only beneficial to create topical therapies, but now sees incredible precision in determining an exact oral therapy as well and recommends it across the board for his patients. That being said, he is asking for the freedom for him to interpret your results to get you the formula that is ideal for you. Finally, the Genome Test will also evaluate you for natural medications like vitamin deficiencies that specifically apply to you, so rather than take Nutrafol and Viviscal you may elect to take a specific vitamin replacement.

For his in-town patients, he insists that you come into his office for the test, questionnaire, and consultation. For his out-of-town patients, he can arrange a remote delivery of the test to help you with the convenience of getting it done. This unique method that Dr. Lam uses is a revolutionary step in getting the proper therapy for you and he is excited to offer you a better way of determining your best compounded formulation to treat your hair loss. Call 972-312-8188 or email to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lam or to take this test if you are an already established patient of his.

Even though there are standardized dosing for medical therapies like finasteride and minoxidil, Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam believes that a genetic evaluation of your sensitivity and resistance to these medications has great value to optimize your results as well as to reduce unwanted side effects. The test that involves a buccal swab offers a precise diagnosis within 3 to 4 weeks to tailor your medical therapy as precisely as possible.


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