Hair Stem

Hair Stem therapy is another revolution in the treatment of hair disease. Dr. Lam likes to think of it as a second-generation platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. In fact, today Dr. Lam does not perform PRP very often because of the advances brought about by Hair Stem Therapy. Hair Stem offers two distinct advantages over PRP, which are 100% painlessness along with superior and consistent results.

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Hair Stem How does it work? Hair Stem uses highly concentrated plant-derived, all-natural growth factors that are biomimetic or bioidentical to the same growth factors in your blood that PRP would concentrate. However, since PRP is limited to what your blood provides, Hair Stem is not limited in this way and can use much higher concentrations of growth factor than could otherwise be found in your blood. That allows greater efficacy and consistency in the results. Further, PRP is painful because it requires both an anesthetic where you feel needles and pain and also the actual injection of the PRP if you do not use anesthesia. Hair Stem is entirely needle-free and uses instead a $25,000 specialized machine that transdermally pushes the growth factors through the skin to work. Dr. Lam has seen much better results with Hair Stem than with PRP and now almost exclusively uses this method as his preferred way of growing hair.

Hair StemEach session takes approximately 90 minutes to undergo, which his trained hair staff would perform for you. This easy, painless procedure is a walk in and walk out with no pain and no recovery. You would perform this procedure once a month for 3 consecutive months and then maintain the result every 6 months thereafter.

Dr. Lam will tell you in consultation with him whether this therapy would be appropriate for you and how to integrate this therapy with other medical treatments for your hair loss.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been the standard way to restore hair loss non-surgically. However, Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam’s revolutionary new hair stem therapy offers three distinct advantages over traditional PRP: 1) no pain whatsoever since no needles are used 2) no recovery time 3) much improved, faster, and more uniform results than with PRP.


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