All-Natural SL Max Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are intended to provide a visual camouflage to your hair thinning by simple daily application. They can be used in many clinical scenarios: in lieu of hair transplant surgery, in combination with hair surgery to make a result thicker so as to avoid a second surgery, during times of active shedding, etc. Dr. Lam’s own all-natural, chemical-free hair fibers called SL Max in particular have a bipolar charge since some hairs are positively charged and other hairs are negatively charged. Therefore, the fibers bind to the hair shaft in a perpendicular fashion like tree branches on a tree making the hairs look much thicker than conventional fibers that don’t cling perpendicularly and just fall to the scalp. Also, unlike some products like Toppik, Dr. Lam’s fibers are 100% natural with no chemical ingredients including an all-natural colorant. In addition, with SL Max locking spray, his hair fibers stay bound in the scalp without falling out even with sweat and rain.

Hair fibers provide instant camouflage over balding areas that are locked into place with a locking spray that will not easily come out until you shower using shampoo. Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam has created his own fibers using all-natural colorants and all-natural fibers without the harsh chemicals found in most hair fibers on the Internet.

Key Points

  • An ideal candidate
    • Male or Female seeking to camouflage their thin hair
    • Hair-transplant patients experiencing potoperative shock loss and temporary hair thinning
  • What to do
    • We will help you match the color of the fibers to your hair color.
    • Apply to clean and dry hair. Avoid using hair pomade or any other “waxy” hair product.
    • You can also blend colors to match hair highlights.
    • Apply lock-in spray to fix the product from coming out even with sweat or rain.

  • What to expect
    • The results are immediate but are temporary and washed away whenever you wash your hair with a shampoo.
    • You can also use the fibers to delay the need for hair coloring since you can easily cover your roots and never have roots shown with the use of this product.

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  • I Have Heard Of Many Types Of Fibers Being Sold. Why Did Dr. Lam Create SL Max Fibers?
    Dr. Lam created his own product SL Max because he was dissatisfied with the chemicals found in existing products like Toppik. He wanted an all-natural product. In addition, the previous product line he used was very clumpy, whereas SL Max is very fine and easily blends into the hair without aggregating into discrete clumps. He also developed his own locking spray to keep the fibers bound in the hair even during sweat and rain. Only shampoo will unlock and remove the fibers.
  • Should I use these products every day?
    Because the products are not very expensive and so easily applied, many individuals choose to use these products daily. Others only use the product when they have a social or professional engagement that is important to them. As mentioned, still others use the product only when the hair roots start to become visible, and they want the roots covered until the hair can be colored again.
  • Can I use SL Max after hair-transplant surgery?
    Yes, the fibers could be used as soon as 10 days postoperatively (and thereafter). It is important not to use them the first week of your recovery in order to prevent any possibility of infection or compromise graft survival.
  • Why Ingredients Matter?
    Harmful chemicals can get into your body if you breathe, eat, or drink them or if they are absorbed through your skin. Dr. Lam understands that improving one’s appearance is important but he believes in using products that are not harmful to your body. Gossypium herbaceum, commonly known as Levant cotton, is a species of cotton native to the semiarid regions of sub-Saharan Africa, Arabia, India and southern Europe where it still grows in the wild as a perennial shrub.



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