Hair Loss Disorders Dallas

Hair Loss DisordersThis subsection is dedicated to a comprehensive overview of various hair loss disorders and hair loss conditions, including common problems like male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. In addition to these more prevalent hair loss problems, Dr. Lam felt compelled to cover topics that encompass many types of hair loss disorders that affect numerous individuals but are not as commonly encountered as those listed above. Further, scarring conditions that preclude a hair transplant are introduced to underscore how important education is for safety before considering a surgical option for one’s hair loss.

Hair Disorders and Hair Conditions

This section on hair disorders and hair conditions are for educational purposes. Dr. Lam would like to stress that despite his time and devotion to write all of these sections on hair loss disorders and hair loss diseases for your education, that this information is not intended as a substitute for a medical evaluation by a qualified physician. Hair loss conditions, hair loss disorders and/or hair loss diseases require oftentimes a team approach. As a surgeon, Dr. Lam relies oftentimes on his dermatological and medical colleagues to provide needed insight and evaluation before surgical hair replacement can be undertaken. This basic information on clinical hair loss disorders and hair loss diseases should in any case provide some fundamental knowledge that can help a prospective patient on his/her journey of discovery and hopefully cure.

Please review our following hair loss conditions, hair loss disorders and/or hair loss disease pages below which include videos, photos, illustrations and explanations.

Types of Hair Loss Disorders


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