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Our Manifesto

Our Hair Transplant Manifesto of Excellence to You

We believe that our passionate, dedicated, and experienced hair restoration technique as well as superlative results are unique in the world. Accordingly, here is our pledge of excellence to you:

  1. To perform only one hair transplant a day and not to finish until the job is done and is done right. (There are no short cuts to quality.)
  2. Never to outsource our team and always to have the same team members perform every procedure to maintain absolute, unsurpassed quality control.
  3. To use light IV sedation performed in a surgical facility rather than in an office so that you experience both safety and absolutely no pain from the beginning to the end of your procedure.
  4. To use the most sophisticated and artistic technique constantly applied and reapplied throughout the procedure (with every nuanced step of our procedure outlined on this website) in order to achieve consistently excellent results in both your donor and recipient areas.
  5. To educate and not to sell. With that in mind, you actually meet with your surgeon, Dr. Lam, for your consultation and you will be provided the most ethical and comprehensive education regarding both your surgical and non-surgical options. (You will not be harassed, called, or sent annoying promotional material by us ever to try to sell you a procedure. Ever.)
  6. Not to operate on you if you are not a surgical candidate and always to maintain the highest standard of ethics in our relationship.
  7. To provide both the best hair transplant experience and results that are possible and not to stop until we achieve those objectives.