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We recognize that you have a choice in who provides you with your hair transplant results. We take a lot of pride in what we do every day, and we thought it would be important for us to explain to you what sets us apart from other providers in the field.

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    Did you know that 30% of women over 30 years old lose hair?

    Dr. Lam performs hair transplant for women and is sensitive to the concerns that women face regarding their thinning hair and/or eyebrows. Almost every week, he corrects high hairlines, genetic hair loss, eyebrow hair loss, unique hair-loss patterns in women of color, reconstructive cases, and many other conditions.

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    You have a choice. Why choose Dr. Lam for your hair restoration?

    Dr. Lam is an artist, pioneer, and leader in the field of hair restoration. He pays attention to every detail of the procedure and offers you a seamlessly natural result. He has written the only book on FUE, the only book series on hair restoration, and the largest textbook on hair transplant in the world. He has lectured extensively across the world, and has run his own national course for over a decade. Not only is he a diplomate by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) but he will be president of the ABHRS in 2021.

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    There are 6.5 billion people in the world and over 300 different ethnicities. Should all ethnicities have the same transplant?

    No, of course not! Dr. Lam frequently performs hair restoration in all ethnicities including Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian/Pakistani, etc. There are so many differences that must be considered for each ethnicity in order to achieve natural results with safe outcomes. For example, the very curly African hair with straight hairlines differs remarkably from the very straight Asian hairs with rounded hairlines.

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    Knowing how to do surgery and knowing how to do it well are not the same. You should not endure results that you don’t like.

    Dr. Lam performs very complicated repairs of prior hair transplant surgeries including unnatural hairlines, old plugs, scars, and a host of other problems regardless of how long ago they were created, or regardless if there were caused by an FUT or FUE type of procedure. Not everyone knows how correct a mistake. Dr. Lam is gifted in identifying the problem, figuring out the way to fix it, and is extremely skillful in delivering the most natural results.

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    They say eyebrows reveal secrets about your personality, but what if you have thin or no eyebrows? Eyebrow Hair Restoration is the Ultimate Art

    Beautiful eyebrows provide a wonderful frame to the eyes, making the eyes look more attractive and youthful. Unfortunately, eyebrow transplant can look very unnatural in unskilled hands, and a successful outcome requires a superior surgeon and experienced team. Dr. Lam and his team perform beautiful eyebrow hair restoration in all ethnicities and both genders and correct poor surgical outcomes, overdone tattooing, and overplucking.

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    The human body has an amazing power to heal itself… and sometimes it needs a little help. What are the products Dr. Lam uses to improve hair growth and hair survival?

    There are many surgical and non-surgical options to promote hair growth. Sometimes hairs need a fertilizer like PRP to help them grow and other times they need an enzyme blocker like topical finasteride to allow them to grow freely. Not all PRP injections are the same and not all topical treatments produce good results. When performing hair transplant surgery, Dr. Lam uses multiple products to improve hair survival including PRP, ACell, liposomal ATP, and HypoThermosol. He believes great results require not only a great surgeon but also modern technology for optimal hair survival.

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    Waited Too Long To Fix Your Hair Loss? No Worries. Our Mega Hair Transplant Can Get You Covered

    A typical hair transplant restores 1,500 – 2,000 grafts and covers either the frontal or crown area. A megasession hair transplant describes a transplant of 3,000 hair grafts or more and, in most cases, involves transplanting the entire top of the head in a single session. To be able to move 3,000+ grafts (6,000 to 7,000 hairs) takes the right patient, the right surgeon, and the right team. You must have an enough donor hairs and work with a team that can process the grafts in a reasonable timeframe, and a surgeon who can design and distribute where the grafts go in a way for an optimal outcome after a single hair-transplant session.

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    Did You Know That To Have A Youthful Hairline You Also Need Youthful Temporal Points?

    Temporal points are small triangles of hairs located above your sideburns that give a full frame to your face. Many surgeons only perform hair transplants along the hairline and in the central scalp. However, the temples and temporal points can be an important area to rebuild in order to provide the most youthful frame to the face. Also, if the hairline is brought significantly forward without rebuilding the temples, the result can look unnatural. Temporal points have a unique hair-growth pattern, and its reconstruction is a very advanced surgical procedure that requires the most skilled hands. Dr. Lam regularly creates aesthetically pleasing and the most natural-appearing temporal points for his patients.

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    You May Not Be Royalty, But You Can Wear Your Crown Proudly

    The crown, or vertex, describes the circular area of hair or hair loss in the back of the head. Not everyone is a candidate for hair restoration in the crown, and not every surgeon is skillful in restoring hair loss in the crown. The crown has a unique cowlick that allows for hairs to swirl and cover a round scalp, thereby posing a challenge in performing quality hair restoration. Dr. Lam is skilled in achieving the most natural and the densest crown results in a single session through a careful design strategy on which he has lectured and written extensively.

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Real Patients, Real Stories

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    Awesome experience!

    “Dr. Lam and Emina are very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Dr.Lam and his staff.”

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    Fantastic hair growth

    “I am so glad that I met Dr Lam. I came in to get an estimate for a hair transplant but during the visit I was told by the doctor to try out their hair growth formula.”

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    Knowledegable and Helpful

    “Dr Lam and Amina are very knowledgeable and helpful. They take the time to explain all that is involved.”

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    Good Experience on Hair Options

    “With a receding hairline and getting thin up top I was looking for options. Dr. Lam listened, showed expertise and gave several solutions.”

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Leaders in the Field.

Dr. Lam & Emina have pioneered, taught, and written extensively to push the hair industry forward.

Leaders in the Field.

Dr. Lam & Emina have pioneered, taught, and written extensively to push the hair industry forward.

Leaders in the Field.

Dr. Lam & Emina have pioneered, taught, and written extensively to push the hair industry forward.

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Dr. Sam Lam graduated as Valedictorian from Cistercian Preparatory School and completed his undergraduate degree at Princeton University and his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine, both with honors.

He trained for six years in head and neck surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York City and then completed a prestigious fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in which he refined his technique for hair restoration.

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