Emina Karamanovski Vance

Emina Karamanovski Vance Hair Transplant Coordinator

Hair Transplant Coordinator and Team Leader

Ms. Emina Karamanovski Vance obtained her medical degree from the University of Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia. She has worked tirelessly for the past 28 years teaching numerous physicians, surgeons, technicians, and ancillary staff across the United States and Canada the technical aspects of advanced grafting techniques. Combining her vision and experience, Ms. Karamanovski Vance has greatly contributed to the development of our unique technique. Her passion for hair restoration is not only exemplified in her extensive teaching nationwide but also in her meticulous preoperative analysis, technical guidance, and personal attention for each patient throughout every phase of care.

Emina KaramanovskiEmina Karamanovski Vance has served as a national trainer of both surgeons and assistants since 1997 and continues to teach both in the United States and Canada. Like Dr. Lam, Ms. Karamanovski regularly teaches throughout the year on hair restoration. Ms. Karamanovski, who holds a medical degree from her native Serbia, dedicates herself to advancing the field of hair restoration surgery through teaching and training.

Emina has worked as the national training director for Restoration Robotics, manufacturer of the ARTAS Robotic FUE System. She has trained many of the physicians in the United States and abroad on how to use and implement the system, which Dr. Lam also owns and operates.

Ms. Karamanovski Vance was elected to serve as the Surgical Assistant Representative on the Board of Governors (BOG) for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in 2009. She won top honors as the ISHRS 2010 Distinguished Assistant Award. She has co-directed the well-received Hair Transplant 360 Workshop with Dr. Lam at St. Louis University every year since 2009. She also co-founded and directed the first ever standalone assistants’ workshop in Denver, Colorado, in 2015 and will continue to co-direct this workshop.

She has contributed as section editor and chapter author to Dr. Lam’s hair transplant 4-volume book series, Hair Transplant 360, and wrote Volume 2 entirely herself in 2010, which she extensively revised and updated in 2015. Her book stands as the only hair transplant book ever written for assistants. She has also created original techniques for hairstyling to camouflage any postoperative shedding in the female patient following hair restoration. Ms. Karamanovski Vance’s forte is strict and rigorous quality control in every phase of the hair restoration whether traditional linear or robotic FUE.

Ms. Karamanovski Vance routinely attends the major hair-restoration meetings during the year to keep abreast of all the latest techniques in the industry and to share and learn from her peers. Besides offering the best in hair restoration surgery, the pursuit of academic excellence through education, learning, teaching, and research continues to define the mission of the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration in Dallas, Texas.


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