MTF Transgender Hair Transplant

Transgender hair transplant and transsexual hair transplant pose a truly unique set of challenges that are both artistic and technical in nature for the male to female (MTF) transgender individual as well as the female to male (FTM) transgender individual. Understanding the intricacies of how male and female hairlines differ aesthetically is only one aspect of creating a successful transgender hair restoration. Additionally, transgender hair restoration surgery must take into account variations in the directional flow of hair growth between males and females, as well as factors resulting in future hair loss that may affect current transgender hair surgery.

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Dr. Lam in Dallas is experienced in transgender hair transplantation and has performed several male-to-female transgender hair transplants as well as female-to-male transgender hair transplants. It is his unparalleled artistry, combined with his superior technical skill and commitment to providing exceptional patient care, which has resulted in Dr. Sam Lam becoming a transgender hair transplant specialist.

Transgender Hair Transplant Procedures and Techniques

There are marked differences in the procedures and techniques required for male-to-female transgender hair transplantation as compared to female-to-male transgender hair transplantation. Since each has unique characteristics, we have outlined them separately below.

Male to Female Transgender Hair Transplant

Male-to-female (MTF) transgender hair restoration surgery in Dallas typically focuses on differences in hairlines as well as combating the effects of male pattern baldness.

In the past, hair restoration for many MTF transgender and transsexual individuals was performed by making a long incision across the scalp to pull the hairline downward. However, this technique is far from ideal for many reasons. Unlike female hairline lowering, in which a female-shaped hairline is brought down either surgically with an incision or with hair transplantation, the transgender hairline procedure must convert a male hairline into a feminine one. Therefore, the hairline cannot simply be advanced downward by cutting an incision in the scalp and pulling downward.

Why is this so? First, if a male hairline is surgically cut with a long incision and advanced, ongoing male hair loss due to male pattern baldness will expose the scar over time that can only be covered with further hair transplantation (although this can be mitigated by the use of hormones). Second, cutting a long incision to advance the hairline does reasonably well in the central portion of the scalp but cannot reproduce the shape of the outer temple area, which is a hallmark of feminine beauty. Finally, hairs that grow in the male hairline are almost opposite in direction and flow to those in a female hairline. The hair angles in a male hairline are projected straight forward, whereas the female hairline is shaped in a cowlick with a slight whorl pattern, which aims in a principally backward-facing direction.

For all of these reasons, surgical hairline lowering is simply not the best option for converting a male hairline into a female one. However, Dr. Lam is skilled at both surgical and non-surgical female hairline lowering. For individuals who have already had surgical hairline lowering to convert a transgender hairline with unsuccessful results, Dr. Lam can perform corrective hair transplant surgery in Dallas to build a more feminine hairline over the previous surgery area to attain optimal results that are much more feminine, and ultimately more attractive. Additionally, Dr. Lam can address transgender balding issues for MTF transgender individuals that may otherwise impact the overall look of a female hairstyle.

Dr. Lam is truly an artist who can help you in your desire to create a more feminine hairline and shape. He will also counsel you about managing further transgender hair loss issues that may affect results as you continue to age. In addition to his artistry and skill, Dr. Lam is respectful of your needs and desires as he helps you achieve your desired aesthetic outcome.

Female to Male (FTM) Transgender Hair Transplant

Female to Male (FTM) transgender hair restoration typically involves beard and/or mustache hair restoration. Although it is a less commonly requested procedure, it is nevertheless one that can be very effective. Dr. Lam is experienced in FTM transgender hair transplantation of the face and can help artistically create a precise pattern of natural hair growth in the mustache and beard region to help advance the facial masculinization procedure. He is always sensitive to the needs and desires of each patient and is respectful in helping patients achieve desired outcomes.

Transgender Hair Transplantation Techniques

Whether MTF or FTM hair restoration surgery is being performed, Dr. Lam employs the same general techniques for donor hair harvesting and implantation as he does in all other hair restoration surgeries he performs. He will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of linear harvesting and follicular unit excision (FUE) for extracting donor hair for your transplantation. Once harvested, Dr. Lam and his dedicated team will carefully prepare each graft for implantation and Dr. Lam will create recipient graft sites with an eye toward artistry and precision. For more detailed information about the specific techniques employed by Dr. Lam, visit our Hair Transplant Technique page.

MTF (male-to-female) hair transplant or transgender hair transplant surgery involves helping a transgender individual feel congruent with her identity by restoring a female-shaped hairline with or without density to the midscalp and crown as needed and as donor supply permits. Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam, winner of the 2022 ISHRS Golden Follicle Award, is an expert in this practice.

Transgender Photos: Before and After

To provide you with an idea of the results Dr. Lam can achieve through transgender hair restoration, we have provided a series of MTF transgender before and after photos below. For more transgender hair restoration results and photos, view our Photo Gallery.

Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hairline Restoration and Scar Correction – Frontal View
Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hair Transplant – Frontal View
Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hair Transplant – Frontal View
Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hair Transplant – Left View
Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hair Transplant – Right View
Transgender Hair Transplant Frontal view Before & After Dallas
Transgender Hair Transplant – Frontal View

I have had an exceptionally great experience with the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. Dr. Lam and his assistant Emina have the latest state of the art technology and many years of experience in this field. I highly recommend Lam Institute for Hair Restoration!

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Transgender Hair Transplant Testimonials

Below is a testimonial from a long-time transgender patient of Dr. Lam’s:

“I am a MTF transgendered person and a patient of Dr. Lam’s since 2008. I was plagued with male pattern baldness and was facing other surgeries such as facial feminization with my transition. Dr. Lam suggested that he could lower my brow line with hair transplants and give me a more feminine hairline. As of today, I have no reason to get a brow lift and I have a full head of hair. Dr. Lam over the years has been incredible with his knowledge, expertise, and caring for me. His staff treats me like I am part of the family.”

Transgender Hair Transplant Cost

Transgender hair restoration needs will vary greatly from patient to patient, so therefore it is difficult to provide a generalized cost of transgender hair transplants. During your initial consultation with Dr. Lam, he will carefully assess your needs and desired outcomes and will discuss hair restoration options with you, as well as providing you with detailed information about the cost of transgender hair transplantation based on your unique situation.

The Importance of Using State-of-the-Art Storage Media

Recovery After Transgender Hair Restoration

Recovering after your MTF or FTM hair restoration surgery is relatively quick and easy. Following surgery, you will walk out with no bandages and your hair will be styled normally. Within 24 hours, you can resume routine activities, although strenuous physical activity should be avoided for about a week to avoid the chance of injury or increase the risk of bleeding. Your hair can be washed the day after surgery and you can return to work the next day as well, although many people prefer to take a few days off from work to allow for complete recovery. While healing, you will have a few tiny scabs and may experience some minor swelling in transplanted areas.

About Dr. Sam Lam, Transgender Hair Restoration Specialist

Dr. Sam Lam is a Board-Certified hair restoration physician in Dallas, is one of only fewer than 200 Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery worldwide, and is considered to be a transgender hair restoration specialist. He is recognized around the globe for his unparalleled artistry combined with precise technical skill that results in natural-looking and aesthetically -pleasing hair restorations that look good from every angle and age well over time.

Due to his expertise, Dr. Lam is a sought after lecturer at conferences, conventions and workshops around the globe and has spoken about numerous topics relating to transgender hair restorations over the years, such as Temple Point Reconstruction and Female Hairline Lowering, among others. He has also authored two medical textbooks related to hair restoration, as well as writing numerous scientific articles and contributing content to other books.

Dr. Lam personally performs all transgender hair transplant surgeries in Dallas, along with a dedicated and non-rotating team, at his fully -accredited surgical center, the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. His involvement throughout the entire process of hair restoration surgery, as well as his commitment to only perform one surgery per day to provide undivided attention to each patient, result in successful hair restoration outcomes.

Transgender Hair Transplant Dallas

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Due to the fact that transgender hair restoration is such as personalized undertaking, the first thing to do is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lam. During this appointment, Dr. Lam will discuss your specific needs as well as your desired outcome and will devise a plan to help you achieve the transformation you seek. Dr. Lam is experienced in transgender hair restoration and offers an unparalleled level of artistry, along with superior technical skill, while being sensitive to the unique needs of transgender individuals. To schedule your transgender hair restoration consultation, call our office at 972-312-8105 or email us and we will get back to you to set up an appointment.

Dallas Transgender Hair Transplants

Dr. Lam performs all transgender hair transplant surgeries in Dallas at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, a fully -accredited surgical center. However, due to his exceptional reputation, he attracts patients worldwide. For those patients traveling to Dallas, Dr. Lam offers a concierge service to help with travel and lodging arrangements and also provides a fully-stocked video library for use during recovery.

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