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Dr. Lam specializes in corrective hair transplant surgery designed to, as the name implies, correct a variety of bad hair restoration outcomes. Corrective hair transplants can transform the artificial and “pluggy” look of hair replacement surgery performed in the past, at a time when hair plugs were the standard hair restoration option. Dr. Lam also unfortunately sees many patients that have received less than stellar results from other hair transplant surgeons and works to provide more satisfactory results.

Although we have fortunately escaped the era of artificial hair transplantation using hair plugs, there can still be a significant difference in the quality of hair restoration outcomes available from each different hair transplant surgeon and hair restoration center. When considering hair transplant surgery, it is imperative that you carefully research options and select a hair transplant surgeon that has significant experience, as well as a combination of precise technical skill and exceptional artistry. This is extremely important, since natural hair restoration outcomes are not simply based on how hair follicles are harvested or implanted, but are greatly dependent on the artistic vision (or lack thereof) of the hair restoration surgeon and how adept he or she is at creating natural-looking results that are appropriate for an individual’s age, gender, ethnicity, stage of hair loss, facial features, head shape and other personal factors. Another key factor to a successful hair restoration outcome is how well the results will age over time.

If you are not satisfied with prior results, Dr. Lam and his team have significant experience with corrective hair surgery and can correct hair transplants performed by other doctors that do not live up to expectations.

Hair Transplant Corrective Procedures

Before you can understand how to properly correct a hair transplant procedure, you must first understand what makes a hair transplant result a natural one. There are so many reasons for a bad hair transplant result, and since Dr. Lam understands just what it takes to achieve successful hair transplant outcomes, he can easily identify how to correct hair transplants that produce disappointing results.

Some pitfalls occur during the harvesting of hair follicles, while others may be the result of shoddy graft implanting or the diminished health of hair follicles due to improper handling during dissection. This can occur when hair restoration surgeons are not experienced, do not pay attention to detail, or work in an environment where rotating teams handle various aspects of the procedure so that the practice can turn out a high volume of surgeries and no one person is fully invested in the outcome of the procedure. Other procedures may require corrective hair surgery because the surgeon did not have the artistic eye to create aesthetically -pleasing or natural-looking hairlines and areas of hair density that look attractive from every angle and age well over time.

Corrective Hair Replacement Technique

During corrective hair transplant surgery, Dr. Lam carefully identifies what is “not working” with the prior hair restoration procedure in order to determine how to best correct the outcome. Once this is done, Dr. Lam and his team employ the same dedication to precise technical skill combined with his unparalleled artistry to create hair restoration results that are natural-looking, aesthetically -pleasing and that will age well over time.

Below is a brief summary of the corrective hair replacement technique utilized used by Dr. Lam and his team. For a more detailed explanation, visit the page outlining our hair transplant technique.

  • Hairline Design – An artistic eye and extensive experience allow Dr. Lam to design a natural-looking hairline that fits each patient’s stage of hair loss, age, gender, ethnicity, head shape and facial features.
  • Harvesting Process – Donor hair is carefully harvested, paying close attention to protecting blood supply and nerves while maximizing harvest yield. Meticulous closure of donor sites minimizes discomfort and improves healing.
  • Hair Graft Preparation – Hair grafts are meticulously dissected and prepared for transplant by the same dedicated team that is involved in the entire procedure, resulting in less trauma and more consistency.
  • Recipient Site Creation – Recipient sites are chosen with perfect angles, direction, pattern and graft-to-site fit in mind to create the most natural results.
  • Hair Graft Placement – Our experienced team expertly places all hair grafts so they are not too deep or too high and to prevent trauma upon placement.

Cost of Corrective Hair Restoration

As with all types of hair restoration procedures, it is not easy to come up with a generic cost of corrective hair restoration surgery, since each procedure has a unique set of circumstances and costs can vary from patient to patient. All corrective hair transplant costs will be discussed with you at your initial consultation with Dr. Lam once he has assessed your needs, discussed your desired outcomes and has determined the best option to correct your previously poor hair restoration results.

Corrective Hair Surgery Recovery

Recovery following corrective hair surgery is no different than recovering from any other type of hair transplant surgery. Differences in harvesting method (whether FUE or linear harvesting) can slightly impact recovery time, but either way, it typically only takes about 24 hours to recover from hair transplant surgery. The day after surgery, you should be able to resume most daily activities, although it is recommended that you hold off on strenuous activities for a week to prevent any accidental injury and reduce the risk of bleeding. You can return to work on the day following surgery, although many people choose to take a few days off following the procedure. Otherwise, you can expect to have some tiny scabbing in the transplanted area for up to a week, will have no bandages, and can wash your hair on the day following surgery. You can wear a hat or cap immediately after surgery if you wish to conceal any scabs.

Corrective Hair Transplant Results

Below are a few before and after photos of corrective hair implants, but to view more, see our Photo Gallery. All photos depicted on this site are the results of procedures performed personally by Dr. Lam.

About Dr. Lam, Corrective Hair Restoration Specialist

One of the most important factors in achieving a successful corrective hair transplant is finding an experienced hair transplant specialist that understands just what it takes to achieve

desired results. Dr. Lam is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of hair restoration surgery and has a great deal of experience in correcting poor hair restoration results due to unsatisfactory previous surgeries.

Dr. Sam Lam is one of only fewer than 200 Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in the world and is recognized as a Dallas hair transplant surgeon that combines exceptional artistry with superior technical skills. He has written two educational textbooks about hair transplantation (Hair Transplant 360, Volume 1 and Volume 3) as well as numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters, has spoken at many conference and conventions around the globe about his hair transplant techniques, and is the Director of the annual Hair Restoration Workshop held in St. Louis, the only hands-on cadaver workshop offered for physicians and surgical assistants.

Dr. Lam performs corrective hair transplant surgery in Dallas at The Lam Institute for Hair Restoration along with a fully-dedicated team and is committed to performing only one procedure per day to provide patients with the personalized attention they deserve. All photos included on this site are the result of procedures directly performed by Dr. Lam.

Contact Us For A Consultation

To schedule a corrective hair consultation with Dr. Lam, call the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration at 972-312-8105 or email us and we will get back to you to set up an appointment. All details regarding correcting your hair transplant, including corrective hair transplant cost, will be discussed with you during this appointment following a thorough assessment by Dr. Lam of your previous hair restoration results.

Correcting Hair Transplants In Dallas And Worldwide

Dr. Sam Lam performs all corrective hair transplant surgeries in Dallas at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. However, due to Dr. Lam’s exceptional reputation, patients worldwide travel to Dallas for corrective hair restorations by Dr. Lam. For patients traveling from outside the area, Dr. Lam offers a concierge service to help with travel and lodging accommodations.

Additional Information About Corrective Hair Transplantation

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