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Hair Transplant Techniques

No Weak Links

When you visit many hair sites, you see a few before-and-after results that represent the outcome of many different surgeons. On this website, you see extensive before-and-after photographs from a single surgeon, Dr. Samuel Lam. How do we achieve such consistently excellent results? In short, careful and consistent application of technically precise technique. That is why this website lays bare in more detail than any website dedicated to hair transplant in the world that we know of how our technique is achieved and how quality is maintained at every phase of the procedure. Too often there is a weak link in the chain or several weak links leading to a good result on some days and an unacceptable one on another. We do not allow anything to go to chance.

Every phase of our procedure is controlled with absolute dedication and passion for quality, and it shows. We invite you to look at how we protect your donor nerves and blood supply through controlled tumescence, meticulously close our donor area using our trichophytic technique, artistic and exacting recipient site creation with constant check and recheck of graft-to-site fit, consistent graft dissection through a single, non-changing team approach, and similarly no outsourcing, no rotating team dedicated to graft placement. We control every link so that there is not a weak one. We do not outsource; we do not rotate teams; and we do not rotate surgeons. By having one team and one surgeon and only one patient a day, we exercise a level of quality control that simply is rarely seen in the business. Unlike most hair transplants performed in an office, Dr. Lam performs all of his procedures in his surgery facility fully accredited by the Joint Commission for your optimal safety.

We don’t finish the job until the job is done right. Please review every part of our procedure in detail so that you can understand the difference at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration.

If you would like to to schedule a hair consultation please call 972-312-8105 or email us. The details of your hair restoration (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your hair replacement consultation with Dr. Lam and his team.

Our Hair Transplant Technique

  1. Hairline Design– Without understanding the natural patterns of hair loss, the initial design can set the stage for a bad hair restoration result. Artistry and experience guide Dr. Lam’s hands when designing your hairline and pattern for reconstruction. Dr. Lam has pioneered a way to understand how a hairline appears two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally (which he will be shortly publishing) and how to get your hairline to look equally good in a mirror, photograph, or in person. All hairlines are designed to fit one’s age, gender, stage of hair loss, ethnicity, facial features, head shape, and that will age well over time.
  2. Hair Transplant Donor Closure– Careful harvest of donor hair with protection of the nerve and blood supply while maximizing harvest yield are equally important endeavors to avoid a bad hair restoration result. Meticulous closure with our trichophytic technique and by using no staples minimizes your discomfort and improves wound healing.
  3. Hair Transplant Recipient Site Creation– Perfect angles & direction, perfect pattern, and perfect graft-to-site fit are the key to make your hair restoration result as natural as possible. That means every single recipient site must be made with perfection in mind.
  4. Hair Graft Dissection– Never outsourcing our team means you have a dedicated and unchanging group of individuals who meticulously and passionately dissect your grafts in a non-traumatic and consistent fashion. This helps to minimize the chance for a bad hair transplant outcome.
  5. Hair Graft Placement– Placing your grafts too deeply can cause pitting, too high can cause cobblestoning, traumatically can cause kinky growth or no growth. Our experienced team of graft placement experts helps ensure that these adverse events should not occur.
  6. Hair Transplant Technique Close-Up Videos– Ultimately, all of these step-by-step descriptions of the procedure only matter with excellent results. We believe that our results are better shown using a close-up, macro video lens with a comb through to show you how natural the transplanted hair is in movement and in magnified close up than any still photograph can convey.


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