Hair Transplant Donor Closure

Donor Closure

Donor closure is a very important part of the hair restoration procedure. Dr. Lam takes as much pride and care in ensuring that the incision in the area of the donor hair looks as good as all the transplanted hair. First, he uses a specialized tumescent anesthetic that allows him to remove only the desired hair follicles without disturbing any deeper parts of the scalp so that the incision heals better and faster. Also, numbness, if any, can be present for a much shorter time. He also routinely performs a meticulous closure known as a “trichophytic closure” in which hairs grow through the tiny scar to make the incision hardly noticeable, even with close inspection. Many of his patients who previously had a procedure done elsewhere have commented the difference in their overall experience and marveled at Dr. Lam’s work, especially how unnoticeable the incision line is.

Hair Transplant Donor Closure Comparison Photo


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