This young lady who was born with a high forehead and a receded hairline underwent a female hairline lowering procedure using a female hair transplant technique. She was kind enough to film herself every day for 10 days to show her recovery period. Patients are very much interested not only in the outcome of a procedure but also in the nature of the recovery process and would like to know that information on a daily basis if possible. This classification of a “video diary” helps a prospective patient explore the nature of the recovery from a first person perspective by an individual who has not been paid or compensated in any way for their appearance in this video.

Of note, this young lady did not suffer from female hair loss but was born with a high, less feminine appearing hairline and wanted to have a frame to the face that would look more feminine in nature. There are two principal methods for lowering a female hairline: one is surgical and one is by female hair transplant. We prefer the latter technique for several reasons. First, there are no large incisions so there is no scarring in the hairline area. Besides scarring, this type of incision can lead to prolonged if not permanent numbness in the area. Second, the shape of the hairline, especially in the temple region, can be more artistically created, fashioning a female cowlick, lateral mounds, etc., which is not possible with a surgical female hairline lowering. Third, the distance and degree of lowering can be better with a female transplant procedure compared with an incision-based method. Hopefully, this video provides you with a realistic understanding to the nature of the recovery process following a female hairline lowering procedure at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration in Dallas, Texas.