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I’m here with QC stone who runs the Stone International Wellness Center here at Willowbend Wellness in my building. And I refer patients to her probably every day, maybe several times a day. And this, you know, for me, hair loss,, a lot of times we’re just giving medicine to take care of hair loss. And I believe in that medicine does work. Absolutely. I think QC has really saved my life last year. I was very toxic in my body, but I send patients to her because I believe in our work, you know, with hair loss, what have you seen, in terms of toxins and things like that. And what does cupping do to help with that?

Oh my gosh. I’m so glad you mentioned that. Thank you so much, Dr. Lam. Thanks for sending your patient to us and definitely hair loss is something that we are looking at from the outside, you know, patient come to you and want a hair transplant, we looking at as a patient that have very thin hair follicles are very depleted hair follicle. We look at a botanist and everything, and we immediately recognize certain kind of toxicity. So that’s what cupping at Stone International do we immediately, what happened is removed toxicity through the largest organ in your body, which is your skin. And not only that, it will also improve the immune system, improve the enzyme system and it also improve the protein system. And when the protein system improve the hair follicles start standing up better, start growing up, grow better. So when your medicine that topical like a patient that we have now Mr. Mike, when you put that hair, medicine on top of his dog growing just like a tree, you know, so it’s awesome.

That’s very good. I just read an article this morning. I did a podcast on it, how the immune system is related, like, something called alopecia areata, during the COVID era has actually had an increase or spike with this because there’s so many things that we don’t know about as physicians we think, okay, it’s just gotta be throw some medicine at it, as I said, but our body is oftentimes causing the hair loss. Now you mentioned, when you look at a scalp, you can sort of see there’s a disease. What are you looking at? I know it’s years of experience, but anything that someone like, let’s say someone’s listening to this podcast or in Minnesota, they want to know, Hey, am I just losing hair because I’m sick? Or is it just because of genetic things? Are there things that they can tell that would give them some red flags?

Yes, absolutely. And the number one thing that we tell all our patient is that when you start combing your hair and seeing so many hair loss and especially right now, teenager, and during all this pandemic time, lots of stress level, the more that you lose in hair. And I asked everybody to put that hair in the envelope and the next day, comb their hair again and put that hair in the hair in the envelope, you start comparison. And if you lose hundreds and hundreds of hair like that per day, then you need to start looking for, okay, are you on a diet? Is your protein level. You start eating less protein and you know, and then also your lifestyle. So not only we detox from the outside, but we want patients to start recognize don’t be on a diet. Wes and I always encouraged about a real food, not synthetic sugar or sodium.

Especially today. There’s just diet has just been so terrible in the United States. It’s a huge component. Yeah. You can do things to help, help you out a lot with that. And tell me, so I’ve had cupping done. A lot of people don’t know what it is. I think there’s a lot of voodoo out there. I personally will tell you that it works incredibly well. How does it work? Do we know?

Yes. Well, you know, I’ve been doing cupping for 39 years. I have been very, very blessed to have opportunity to build different type of program from the deep cleanse. You know, a lot of patients say, Hey, do you think I should come to Dr. Lam for this injection? I say, absolutely. You need to come to get injection, but before the injection, let me deep cleanse you. So when he does the injection, everything comes so smoothly and beautiful. So cupping, what it does is we are very different from everybody that do cupping. We do very different modality with it. And we also work with all the specific Meridian points. So we can unblock, you know, Nita some S from spleen to stomach, to your different types of organ. We can feel that. And so when we utilize that, working with that into tissue fluid and Wes can emphasize on that a lot more about the interstitial fluid too

Well with the interstitial fluid it’s the fluids in the body that base all of our cells. Even from the brain cells, cells and the liver cells and the long sales located in your skin and with the cupping and Cho and their team’s knowledge at the Meridian points and the location of the major and lymph nodes. She’s able to use the cupping to create a steady supply of pressure on those points that enables to open up the lymphatic lymphatic vessels to where toxins and the fluids can move into the lymphatic system, be cleansed through the lymph nodes and then flush out through the bloodstream, the liver, the kidneys, and stuff like that.

That’s awesome. Thanks West Western is a QC, his husband also co runs this center here at the Willowbend Wellness Center. I did a podcast on this movie called three identical strangers. You know, it was about triplets and was interesting as most people love the fact that these are three strangers that met each other later in life. But I love the fact that they all three who are identical triplets had completely different patterns of hair loss, and there are genetically identical. And the reason is epigenetics or environment. And so this is the toxins. One smoked, one had different types of input. Smoking has definitely been linked to hair loss. So it’s interesting how, um, we really take for granted this component of environment, lifestyle toxicity. And I really am very passionate about having a Wellness center in full disclosure. I own this Wellness building,, but I only have the best in this, in this building. And they really have helped me out personally, but also my patients. And so I think this is a really good primer for those people that are interested in coming to QC and listen our team and to listen a little about what toxicity is with hair loss. So thank
You for your time today. Thank you so much.


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