Kevin James’ Hair

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I’m talking about Kevin James in this podcast about hair restoration because when I watch him on TV, the first thing I notice or in the movies is that he’s got a hairpiece on. What is interesting about this is that, it’s actually, a pretty good hair piece. It’s one of the better ones is certainly not one of the best ones out there. It’s a little too straight, and it doesn’t look quite natural. But the reason why probably most of you don’t know that he’s actually total bald is that he’s got what’s called a woven hair piece, which grows upwards and outwards compared to the old style that grows downwards and looks sort of like, you know, a carpet on your head, but this looks really, really quite natural. The reason I can tell it’s a hairpiece and not a hair transplant is a few things. The way that exits the scalp is not quite the way a transplant looks. It’s a little too straight, and it also, although you could make a hair transplant to straight, but I have a good eye to make that fine distinction. It literally takes years to be a able to understand this and is temporal position looks receded and too far in a position to where his hairline is. So how could he make this look better? He could actually make this nowadays with hair systems and hair pieces make it look so natural that I don’t think even scrupulous I like can tell. I fact I saw a gentleman the other day, I literally could not tell you he had a hairpiece on, until I got closed. The genius thing he did was that he actually asked for a slightly receded woven hair system, where it was just the point where it literally looked like a natural hairline. It was amazing, and it balances his temple. And I said, how the heck did you do this is you must have a great person that did this? And he says, well, I told her, this is what I wanted, and she did it and it was genius because it was something that even eyes, the most careful, 20 years in the industry looking at it could not tell until I got within about three inches and that is one of the great things out there. But for Kevin James, go back there. He should get a little bit more conservative hairline. He should have a little bit more recession in it. He should have a little bit of the temple built out, probably with a hair transplant to balance it. He should have less of a straight hair line with a little better angulation. But again, for the 99% of people out there, they won’t even know what that guy just said. So, the reason why they don’t know it is because people come to me all the time, so look, don’t get me a fake hair transplant and the one thing they don’t know is that my standard is far higher than they’re coming into asking me for I can tell from across the room, a hairpiece, and a hair transplant, even by really good colleague of mine. And it’s rarely that I can tell a great example is actually a patient of mine that came in, I was pre-opting for a hair transplant and I looked at him and I said, what are we doing a hair transplant for as is your first time and I’m very embarrassed that I did his hair transplant, a year ago, and I couldn’t tell that I did it. It looks so natural, but then I realized what he was wanting is a little bit more temple frame, you wanted more thickness into the back of the scalp, but it was dense beautiful hair and I couldn’t remember that. I actually did his hair transplant a year ago looking in about 3 inches I couldn’t even tell. So, that’s a good result. And I have some colleagues where they walk through my door and I look at the transplant. I can’t tell. That’s a good sign. What if when I’m in three inches and I can’t tell now I don’t mean when you’re looking at three inches because when you look at three inches, you probably still think it looks fine where I think it looks like god-awful, but my standard is so much higher than yours. So, that’s another lesson. But I’m just using this point of Kevin James is a launching point in terms of podcast to discuss what are the features that make someone look natural or unnatural?


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