Natural vs Dramatic Hair Transplant Surgery

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What’s interesting in my field, whether it’s facial plastic surgery or hair restoration, is people come to me, and they tell me, look, I want a really conservative hair transplant. What that means is often times they come to me they want this little patch of hair on the top of their head, when they really should need a really nice hair transplant where their frontal frame is there and I tell them, look, I want you to look natural so no one can tell. But I want you to have a frame to the face, which actually gives value to. So, when someone looks at you, they don’t think your bald or tinning, because if I put more hair in the middle of your scalp, that may be conservative, it may be natural, but it looks like it’s a waste of money. So, a lot of people say, look, I don’t want a dramatic difference in my hair transplant. They actually what they’re really saying is they don’t want a fake result. And the second thing they’re saying is, I don’t want to be spotted out that someone can tell I had a hair transplant. When the the hair transplant is natural, when it’s in a good position for the face what’s shocking is because it slowly grows in that no one even knows I did it. I’ve taken men bald as top of their like shiny bald, I put hair on the top. And usually what happens is, if someone may go catch, you look great. What did you do? You look so awesome. And or they’ll say, you know what? I love, whom your new hairstyle assist, and they can’t figure it out. So, I like to get rid of the word conservative, which means nothing to me, because it’s a useless term, or the negative term dramatic, which is like, oh my God, it’s so dramatic. I can’t. No. You want a natural result that actually does something of good purpose, which is dramatic in the sense that it looks really good for you, but not dramatic in the sense of looks fake, looks overdone, or spot it out. So, hopefully this concept that I like to use the word natural. And I like to get rid of these terms conservative and dramatic, because they mean very, very little one a good hair transplant is done for you.


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