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As some of you may know, I just completed a major textbook 60 chapter Fue bookful Hyun excision book that the only other book in the world on this subject was written by me, or edited by me in 2016. And that was only 25 chapters. This 160 chapters over a hundred videos, where it went from 400 some pages now to third over 1300 Pages. Now, what is it evolved over the those short years since I wrote my first edition? Again, the only text book on Fue in the world, major textbook. Actually, there’s a couple out there that have like four chapters or very short, but only major textbook on the subject. Well, there’s one simple thing that has evolved over five years. That is just really, really changed the landscape of Fue its hybrid technology. And I’ve talked about this in a different in another podcast out there. There’s several hybrid Technologies out there, but the two main ones are the Des voix ha and the trivial anyone’s both of which I use. And I’m going to talk a little bit about the differences between the two and how I use one or the other, and why I use one or the other, one of the pros and cons of that. And I own to divorce laws or Wow’s WAW and to driveling either Mamba. So we’ll call them. Wow and mambas I may be interchanging these terms. First of all, let me just briefly recap hybrid technology. So what hybrid technology is is that prior to 2017, there was only a two major categories of punches out there that at harvested one was a sharp punch that had a very sharp edge to it. The nice thing it created, very clean Harvest. But transection rates cutting through graph follicles was very, very temperamental and very, very high. The other was the dull Punch or blunt punch. And that one was great because the transaction rate was much lower. But there’s a lot of capping the graphs didn’t look as clean. Often times there’s the guy. I’m sorry, I can’t be there. It was the the grass there could be buried graphs. A graphs were hard to harvest because it was a blunt blunted punch. So the genius thing about the hybrid punch is that it’s the best of both worlds are sharp and adult punch the sharp edge. It looks like a trumpet sound will call it a trumpet punch, because it looks like the edge of a trumpet where the outer edge is sharp, but it’s facing away from The graft itself. The blunt end is going toward the graft. And the other thing that I didn’t talk about with hybrid technology is oscillation. So in the past, it would hi rotary speech, which cause a lot of injury to the graph itself during a high velocity, High Velocity, thermal injury mechanical injury. Now, oscillation means the punch goes down, going back and forth in a vibratory motion, you know, left and right left and right. And that causes a wiggle effect where it can actually get down to the base of the follicle without hurting it as much compared to the the road reaction. So what are the pros and cons of each technology? Ology? So, wow, and the Mamba are both absolutely awesome. I use them both very often. So the wild one is the benefit really is as an incredibly good, sensitive touch what it is run by a foot pedal. And the foot pedal is incredibly sensitive. I can feel the graft better than I can with the trivially knee. So I use the the wow and Harvard difficult Harvest situations where I need better feeling during the Harvest. It just gives me a better describe it better. Better feel as I go down and in areas like the beard, where there’s a very soft tissue that that I need to actually sort of caress The graft. It sounds a little weird. I need to Glide my instrument into the subcutaneous plane. The wow is just hands down a winner for me. And so that’s when I use like an African American hair difficult to harvest situations, Scar Tissue, beards. The wow is really great. The trivially knee, or the Mamba device has a a lot of things going for it that the wow does not have, although the wow, right now, they’re trying to come out with a. He’s coming out with a new version that will capture some of the, the triple, any benefits. So that one benefit of the Mamba is a lot. First of all, it’s a multi phasing device. So what multiphasic means is that it goes there. I just told you, rotation is no good, right? Well, rotation may be good for just a vision, the very initial scoring of the skin. So the outer epidermis dermis to the Durham to the just the beginning of the dermal level. A rotary can score it very quickly without damaging The graft. And so you can set the rotation to a certain time interval, just like the first Millis fuse milliseconds of scoring that allows the, the, the oscillation that goes next to cradle the graph better. So especially when I’m dealing with thick dermis has bikes, or the base of the base of the scalp, where the dermis becomes progressively thicker by being able to use a traveling. I’m able to score down the graph faster, whereas the while has a harder time penetrating through that deep tissue. So that goes through a what’s called three phases. One is the one is this the rotation to score the epidermis dermis, and then the to get down through the deeper dermis into the fat. It doesn’t oscillation, modes and oscillation mode. And then the third one is a vibratory mode to freeze up the graph of the Bottom. Now, devoirs argues that the the rotation sorry, the vibrational mode is not relevant. It doesn’t do anything effective. And I can’t argue that it does or doesn’t. But definitely the rotation and the oscillation two phases is very, very nice. The other nice thing with the, with the drivel. Any device is that it’s very light in the hand. Also. It has what’s called smart reacts. And once I touch the skin, it automatically senses it. And it starts to activate the motion. And now I can actually change the length of motion of each of the phases. So that’s really, really nice. And so, and then also suction. So the suction is, is unlike the near graph, which I think can cause injury to the graph through through desiccation. This just provides enough suction to take a little any of the blood that’s their out also holds the graft intact in the center, while the while the punch is going in. So it speed and lightness is really, really awesome with, with the, with the, the mama device. So these are probably the best state-of-the-art devices on the market today. And I use both of them. I have two of each one of them, and sometimes I use one or the other. It depends on the situation sometimes start with one, but the patient I feel like this is not great for harvesting. I’ll move to the other one.

And so this is just understanding of the latest and greatest of hybrid technology and how I use it and why.


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