Will You Be Satisfied After One Hair Transplant?

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I have a lot of patients ask me, do you think I’ll be happy after a single hair transplant session? And the general answer is yes. And the reason I say that is in the last 10 years, I’ve been using different types of regenerative medicine that allows me to get very consistent growth. Of course, it’s predicated upon good surgery, good technique. But having use of these fertilizers really help make sure that the hair grows consistently and well. That being said, there’s some limitations toward that satisfaction. One of which is a fact that over a large area of transplant, I’ve got to really design it in a way for maximal outcome in a single session, for example, let’s say that the backside of the scalp called the crown is less of a priority. I may not create as much visual density there, because I don’t have enough grafts to cover such a wide area. So, it may be already pretty good. But I hit priority zone, So I’d say it’s the central forelock, which is in the frontal zone of the scalp, the hair line. It could be the area where we part. So, I really try to hit priorities zones. So, I’ll tell you, okay, Look, this may take a second session. This may not, and sometimes it just needs a little bit a few more grafts. So, that’s always a limitation. So I always try to articulate it best as I can. The areas where I may need to cheat, the area’s I may not be able to accomplish, the areas may not be as good as possible. The reason for patients not dissatisfaction but lack of being a hundred percent satisfied is usually what I call left brain thinking where they come in they look, and they go, you know, oh, my God, I wish there were a few more hairs. Yeah, I think you put 50 hairs fewer on this side. This side looks a little denser. I wish the side where a little bit more. And first of all, graft growth is a slightly variable by a few percentage points. So, I may not have grown quite as well, or I may have looked, and I said, you know, you need a little more density here, because you’re part of the left for so the right, I’m going to cheat and be a little bit more here. And the way that I’d encourage my patients is use your right brain of looking, in other words, when someone sees you do, they feel like they have a strong hairline to they feel like you look youthful, They feel like you’re not thinning. I hope I can accomplish most of those with you. But the thing where I may not deliver is when you look carefully, you may think, God, you know, I see a little bit here and there. So, always using the right brain is a way to create better satisfaction and results. And, of course, yeah, sometimes putting a graft in it doesn’t grow as well you just made a need a second session. I tell every patient that there’s always possibility for need for second session. So hopefully those are the ways to structure your thinking about how I think, as a creative hair surgeon in terms of satisfaction.


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