Scar Repair: Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam in Plano, TX.

Case #69606

This 36-year-old woman is shown before and 2 years after a hair transplant to correct a scar and an unnatural hairline from a previous hairline advancement procedure.

Case #68171

29-year-old gentleman had a traumatic injury to his scalp that left an area with hair loss. He is shown before and one year after FUE hair transplant where the grafts were taken from a very wide area in order to minimize visible scarring from the donor site so that if he wanted to shave his head in the future, there would be very little chance of visible hypopigmentation. Of note, Dr. Lam performs all of his own FUE harvests personally himself.

Case #49199

This 39-year-old patient is shown before and one year after correction of scars from mole removal and childhood trauma that caused hair loss in several places. He underwent FUE hair transplant into the scars to correct the scars and to camouflage them. The scars are in the hairline, right temple, and back of the head in the hair-bearing scalp.

Case #32908

Eyebrow Hair Restoration, Scar Repair, Male Hair Restoration, Corrective Hair Restoration, Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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This 56-year old gentleman is shown before and ten months after eyebrow hair transplant. He had a car accident that resulted in a facial scar as well as eyebrow hair loss.


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