One of the biggest tools you can use when considering hair restoration options is looking at before and after photos patients who had similar hair loss issues to see what procedure that patient had performed. Looking at Before and After Hair Restoration Photos can also help give you a move realistic idea of the results possible. It is important to keep in mind when looking any kind of before and after photos, however, that each person comes in with their own goals and each person’s body reacts differently to various procedures. There will not be any two patients or any two results exactly alike. The Before and After Hair Restoration Photos will be able to give a good general overview of what types of results are possible and what expectations are realistic. The photo gallery also offers an excellent example of the precision, skill and incredible naturalness to the results Dr. Sam Lam has achieved for this patients.

If you are feeling self-conscious of your hair loss and anxious to get started on your journey to a fuller head of hair, contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lam. During your consultation Dr. Lam will examine your hair loss and walk you through your options to find the best procedure plan to meet your goals.