I have offered almost every patient that has come through my door advice about topical camouflage products that could be helpful in the goal of camouflaging hair loss. I have directed them to the Internet to purchase products, my favorite one being Nanogen, but I have decided to start stocking the product in my office in order to help my patients without their having to go online to try to find this product that is harder to obtain. The way that a topical camouflaging product works is by applying magnetic wool fibers that cling to the hair that immediately makes the hair appear much thicker.

I like the Nanogen product over competitors for a few reasons. First, it has a locking spray that allows you to actually swim with the camouflaging product without fear that the product will stain one’s clothes or face. It does not wash out until shampoo is used (any shampoo will do). Second, it comes in a much more economical package size for both convenience and cost savings. Third, it uses a proprietary system in which the fibers cling perpendicularly to the hair shaft so that it makes the hair look significantly thicker but at the same time using much less overall product, which again provides cost savings. Finally, the packaging is the most beautiful out of any I have seen (ok, not a reason to buy it but as an Apple fan I cannot state how important design is to me.)

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