Dr. Sam Lam is pleased to report that he has been selected to be a member of the international faculty at the Iranian International Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery, an international conference that is scheduled to be held at the Razi Convention Center in Tehran, Iran during the month of October.

The Iranian International Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery is being organized through a collaboration between a number of different societies in Iran. These include the Iranian Society of Rhinology and the Iranian Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, as well as the Universities of Medical Sciences. This is an annual event that is currently in its fourth year.

The primary focus of the Iranian conference is on facial plastic surgery and rhinology, and will cover both surgical and non-surgical techniques designed to improve the look of the aging face. The conference will include a series of lecturers from leading professionals in the fields of facial plastic surgery and rhinology from around the world, as well as speaker panels and seminars, and will also include more hands-on opportunities, including instructional courses and workshops. There will also be an expo set up throughout the course of the conference that will feature some of the latest products, tools, instruments and technology that are used in the fields of plastic surgery and rhinology.

Dr. Lam’s involvement with the Iranian Plastic Surgery Conference follows a number of other events related to facial plastic surgery and hair restoration that he has been involved in during recent months. From the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in June to the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Congress in Oslo, Norway in August, Dr. Samuel Lam has been traveling around the globe to share his expertise with his colleagues.

As with the other facial plastic surgery conferences that Dr. Sam Lam has spoken at, there are sessions included that touch on various aspects of hair restoration surgery, especially as it relates to plastic surgery techniques involving the face, neck and head. That is where Dr. Lam’s expertise is most apparent, since he is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Lam often shares information about his cutting-edge techniques, his hair restoration approach and the intricate balance required between hair transplant technical skills and artistic creativity as it relates to achieving a successful hair restoration outcome.

In addition to Dr. Lam’s expertise on hair restoration techniques and artistry, the Dallas hair transplant surgeon is often called upon to discuss how he successfully integrates a hair restoration practice seamlessly with a facial plastic surgery practice. Dr. Lam has the experience to discuss this aspect of the business, since he has been able to successfully combine the two related practices at his Willow Bend Wellness Center in Plano, TX.

Dr Samuel Lam is a board certified hair-transplant surgeon in Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a question.


Dr. Lam is recognized around the globe as a leader in the fields of both hair restoration and facial plastic surgery. In addition to speaking at over 100 conferences and events globally, Dr. Lam has also authored five major medical textbooks on topics related to hair restoration and facial plastic surgery, as well as contributing over 150 scientific articles and chapters to other books, sharing his knowledge with others in the field.