Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant looks natural and appropriate for his ethnicity. When designing hairlines for a person, it is important to consider that individual’s ethnicity and gender. For African-American hairlines, the shape is oftentimes square even despite ongoing aging. Clearly with hair loss, there is a blunting or loss at the fronto-temporal angles like in whites but an older African male can still have a pretty squared off frontal hairline and look completely natural and appropriate.

When evaluating an African male for hair restoration, one must always weigh the alternative of shaving one’s head, that can look particularly good in African individuals. However, in a man without extensive hair loss that would permit an excellent hair restoration effort, not only can the frontal hairline be restored but it can be restored naturally with a more square profile. I rarely perform this style of hairline in an aging white individual as it simply does not look natural if that person is requiring a hair transplant. I think a large reason for this is that Africans have such curly hair that the hairline and head can be restored without needing tremendous packed in density since each hair follicle has so much surface travel. However, in a white person no matter how much density you pack in, you are always worried that a squared-off, Norwood 1 type hairline will look unnatural when completed. This is not the case with many African hairlines that look natural with a squared-off hairline. Samuel M. Lam, MD, FACS, a board certified hair transplant surgeon in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about Dr Lam’s African hair transplant procedures, hairline design, or to schedule a African hair transplant consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit hairtx.com for more info.