One thing that I have been fascinated about and has been a technique that I have favored is the use of micropunch instruments. Rather than using a needle or chisel blade, I oftentimes prefer a very tiny punch instrument in which I can remove between 0.5 to 1 mm in size of bald tissue into which grafts would be placed. The reason why a micropunch instrument can oftentimes be an excellent choice for an experienced hair-transplant surgeon is that one can physically reduce the total area of bald scalp at the same time as putting hairs into that area. When is it not appropriate? The number one reason not to use micropunch method in my opinion is in someone who already has hairs in the area of punching because there is a risk that the instrument will transect or damage hairs that are nearby. In those cases I prefer other instruments like the aforementioned needles or chisel blades to do the job. With the proper angling and implementation, an experienced hair-transplant surgeon can oftentimes achieve unparalleled results in density in patients using the micropunch method.

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