By Emina Karamanovski

It is not a first time that an old technique finds a new application. In the last few years, the ancient art of skin pigmentation (tattooing) found its place in the medical community, specifically in hair restoration. I was sincerely impressed with the results of micropigmentation and its versatility.

Men and women who don’t have sufficient donor density for hair transplantation can benefit from the procedure. The treatment is relatively easy and the results are immediate: it gives desired look almost instantly and requires no maintenance. Men can obtain a look of “shaved full head of hair” while women can obtain a look of “thick hair”. However there are some limitations to the procedure, mostly for men. Due to sun exposure, the pigment may last many to several years depending on individual speed of fading. In addition, the individual has to maintain the same shaved hairstyle. If hair grows longer the pigmented scalp would “stand out” and could look unnatural. However, women are more fortunate regarding results.

Small dots of pigment are deposited into scalp between her existing hairs in order to decrease the contrast between hair color and skin color. Considering that most women never lose all of their hair, this technique is long term “safe” for women. Even when the hair grows gray, the pigment would still look natural.

Micropigmentation is a small procedure that can make a big difference for women (and men). I am excited to perform this procedure and help women achieve the level of visual fullness they are seeking. Styling thin hair can be frustration. Micropigmentation may help transform bad hair into good hair day.

Emina Karamanovski works for Dr Samuel Lam. Dr Sam Lam is a board certified Dallas hair-transplant surgeon. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a question.