By Emina Karamanovski

Over the years working with Dr. Lam and observing female and male patients approach aesthetic surgery differently, I also noticed that within hair restoration men and women behave differently. It is socially more acceptable to see a man than a woman losing hair. Therefore, women are more secretive about their hair loss then men, but less secretive if they had a hair-restoration procedure. Women talk about their surgery openly, while men prefer privacy.

Similarly, some men and women would prefer privacy after their procedure and during follow-up visits. For that reason, Dr. Lam’s surgery center has a private entrance and separate reception area.

There is no right or wrong in any of observed behaviors. This observation is simply a testament that not all patients are the same; not all hair transplants are the same; not all surgeons or practices are the same. Selecting a skillful surgeon ensures good results.  Selecting a practice that is built on the caring and understanding of a patient’s needs ensures a pleasant experience and makes your new hair more enjoyable.