We all know that we can recognize a bad hairpiece or a bad wig when we see one, right? Yes. However, hair systems today can be quite natural in appearance even to the most experienced eyes. Woven, natural hairpieces can escape the detection of many individuals looking at them like John Travolta’s. However, perhaps one of the most strikingly bad hairpieces, I believe to be intentionally so, is Steve Van Zandt’s in the Sopranos. Playing the mobster Silvio Dante, Van Zandt’s hairpiece is the star attraction of the show and a character in its own right. Why does it look so obviously bad even to the untrained eyed. Here are the top reasons.

First, the hairline is too straight. A natural hairline is never as straight as Silvio’s. Second, the hairline is just too darn low. Many individuals who wear hairpieces love to wear them in a prepubescent position. If they would simply wear them higher they would look so much more natural. Silvio’s hairpiece is very low. Third, his hairline does not match his receded temples. If the hairline were adjusted higher or if he had a hair transplant just into the temple area he would look much more natural. Our eyes can detect obviously unnatural hair patterns like Silvio’s but in many cases untrained eyes cannot tell hairpieces that are just slightly off, as we will explore in future blog articles. Steve Van Zandt should stick to his famous bandana that he wears while playing guitar for Bruce Springsteen’s band.

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