I have been asked to co-chair the basics course at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery this year, which will be the first time doing so. I did teach there last year and gave a lecture on recipient-site anesthesia and tumescence. I have been really excited about actually chairing it this year, which gives me the leadership to try to make it something unique, especially considering that I am running 3 full hair courses this year not to mention lecturing abroad in Oslo, Norway, and in Iran on the beauty and art of hair restoration. The thing that is perhaps truly exciting (to give a little secret away) is that the afternoon session will be focused on small group discussions that will be integrated with lab time. I like this idea a lot so that students not only have a low faculty ratio during the lab portion but even during the didactic lecture portion. If this works well, I will look to integrate some of these elements into the St. Louis course for 2014.

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