How to determine the lowest acceptable point for the hairline (from Hair Transplant 360, Lam SM, Jaypee Brothers, 2011)

When designing a hairline that are many ways to create one.  In almost all cases, my hair-transplant colleagues and I start with the most fundamentally important point that defines and sets the remainder of the hairline, which is the central anterior point.  This midline point is the lowest part of the anterior hairline and defines how the remainder of the hairline will be positioned.

Just like the stated fact that there are many ways to design a hairline, there are also many ways to decide upon the lowest acceptable point for the central hairline point.  This article will not discuss all of the myriad ways to do that but will discuss what I deem to be the most useful and practical method to undertake this strategy.  In short, the lowest acceptable point should be situated at the junction of where the horizontal scalp intersects the vertical forehead at a 45 degree juncture.  Any hair transplanted lower than this point can look unnatural since it would reside on the forehead.  Starting with this lowest point and then adjusting upward based on a patient’s age, facial shape, or other design/safety elements is a good way for a surgeon to strategize the design of a hairline.