Hair Transplant Hairline Principles from a Profile View (from Hair Transplant 360, Lam SM, Jaypee Brothers, 2011)

When I design a hairline I not only stand in front of the patient, but I go to every angle of the patient to make sure my design work looks good, symmetric, and natural. The side view of the hairline is so very critical as part of a total evaluation. When designing the hairline from the front, it is very easy to fail to check the appearance from the side view, something I always do early on during the design work as a cross check. In short, the hairline must either appear flat horizontally (which is a more aggressive design) or slope upward from the central anterior point. It must never slope downward, which is a dead giveaway of an unnatural result. This is a very important component to designing an overall natural hairline result that should appear that way from all inspected angles.

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