Unfortunately, I did not see much sun while I was in the Bahamas for the 2012 Fall ISHRS meeting. Partly because there was little sun to be had (it was raining most days) but also because I was simply enraptured by all the meetings that had a huge learning impact on me. I also was able to teach the basic hair transplant course (my lecture focused on recipient site anesthesia and tumescence) as well as lead a business luncheon seminar and participate in another. I have attached a couple of my lectures that I gave there if you are interested in watching them. I also loved the roundtable discussions I had with many of my colleagues on how they use PRP and Acell in their practice and got many practical pearls. I started to realize that I needed to offer a full-fledged hair business in which an individual would be offered all related hair services including laser hair services and topical camouflage products, both of which I have incorporated into my practice now. All in all, it was simply an amazing experience bar none!

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