When we discussed the bell shaped design of the hairline, we talked about a point known as the “lateral, anterior point”.  This point is relatively aligned with the mid-pupil and it represents where the shape of the hairline goes from convex toward the midline and concave toward the outer portion.  After evaluating a lot of natural hairlines, the mid-pupil became the most recognized natural landmark for this transition point.  The reason for trying to create some kind of transition at the mid-pupil is several fold.  First, it breaks the relatively straight line of the hairline into two components, thereby making the hairline potentially look more natural since it is less straight.  Second, it conserves grafts since fewer grafts are required toward the outer, concavity.  Third, it can conserve grafts in the temple since the temple can also have a more suppressed concavity to match.  Fourth, it can fit faces better that are narrower and would match the shape of the bell curve.