First of all, let me get this out of the way, I love Tony Horton; and I love P90X, which I completed in March of this year. Recently, I attended a live training session that he conducted on behalf of his new book, Bring It!, and that confirmed for me that in fact he was wearing a hairpiece all along. I suspected it when I watched some of the early promotional videos for P90X when I thought the quality of his hairpiece was not very high at that time. I further suspected it when I was watching some of the later videos he shot for his One-on-One series. When I watched the original P90X series I could see that something was off on some of the videos but it was not entirely clear to me.

What changed?
Simply put, his ongoing hair loss has caused his temples to start to not match his central hairline as well as it did at one time. The P90X series was shot in 2004 when he was much younger in his mid-40s and his hair loss was not as significant so that his temples were not as far recessed. Now, in his early to mid 50s, his temples have receded far enough back that this hairline does not quite match. I believe in the room in which he trained us that night that I was the only one who noticed that he was wearing a hairpiece because I am acutely sensitive to seeing things that are off due to the number of years I have spent in this profession.

As you probably have heard many times from me, a simple hair transplant done by a qualified hair-transplant surgeon can rebuild his temples so that his hairpiece will match better. Temporal transplants are particularly difficult to do in unskilled hands but are a daily strategy in those with sufficient skills to undertake this procedure. When I run my annual course on hair transplantation in St. Louis, I emphasize repeatedly that hair restoration of the temples should only be undertaken by a very experienced hair-transplant surgeon.

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