Emina Karamanovski, Hair Transplant coordinator of Lam's Institute for Hair RestorationMy hair-transplant coordinator, Emina Karamanovski, was on an extended hiatus over the past year working as the national training director for ARTAS Robotic FUE System by Restoration Robotics. She did an amazing job during that time to train physicians across the United States and the world including me on the ARTAS system. Although she had a very rewarding time developing the training protocols, ultimately she missed home and wanted to come back to work with her family here in Dallas. We are so happy to have her back to work with us at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration.

Also, with her, we have moved into the robotic era with the new ARTAS system that performs robotic hair restoration without incisions on the back of the head. The true benefit of this system is limited downtime (although you have to shave your head to do the procedure) and no linear incision for those who desire to wear their hairstyle very closely cropped. We are proud to introduce this new technology and to have someone so near and dear to us work to implement this incredible robot into our practice, with which she has had so much experience. For many individuals, our traditional method will still be the preferred way to go but this new robot (which I affectionately have named Judy) is really going to expand our technological capabilities in remarkable ways!

Best to all,

Sam Lam
Lam Facial Plastics and the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration

Emina and the ARTAS FUE Robot