By Emina Karamanovski

In many years of helping people restore hair, I have seen only a handful of times when the result of hair restoration has touched someone to tears. It is especially rare to see a man tear up from joy.  Two patients and two different life stories but their joy was for the same reason.

The first patient had hair transplant plugs done many years ago then his surrounding hair fell out exposing the plugs and making him feel self conscious and ashamed of his hair. The second patient had lost his hair exposing unsightly scars left after some long-abandoned scalp treatment.

Both men wore a hat to hide their head. Both men avoided going to church because they couldn’t wear a hat and couldn’t go to church without a hat. Both men were men of God torn between their desire, devotion and shame. Both men felt deeply touched by the gained freedom to attend church with pride and without a hat.

Many times we don’t know what the true reasons are for someone to choose hair restoration. The freedom to go to church was not a reason I ever fathomed. It is always a pleasure and a great satisfaction to see a person happy with the results. But, it is a privilege to do something to touch someone’s life.