There are so many aspects to making excellent recipient sites during a hair-transplant procedure including angle, tilt, direction, pattern, density, etc. We will just focus on one aspect: interlocking. As a reminder to the general reader, recipient sites are the “holes” that are created by the surgeon into which the dissected hair grafts will be placed. These recipient sites clearly dictate how the grafts will be inserted as far as all of the above-mentioned criteria: pattern, distribution, size, angle, etc. Therefore, it is imperative that the surgeon creates the best recipient sites that are possible. A key element to that success is following the principle of interlocking one’s sites.

As seen in the Figure, when hair grafts are aligned row after row in a parallel fashion, you can easily see through them causing a compromised visual density. When they are interlocked (or staggered) in which one row after another is placed between the previous row, it is much harder to see through or between the grafts. Therefore, 10 grafts placed with an interlocked pattern can look twice as dense as 10 grafts placed in a non-interlocked pattern. Secondarily, interlocking allows a much tighter arrangement of grafts since the next row of grafts can actually nestle somewhat between the previous row, which is not possible in a parallel arrangement. Finally, interlocking sites allows the grafts to fit better since they do not compete for the same physical space as would occur with a parallel arrangement. The graft team that places the grafts should have a much easier time placing grafts in an interlocked pattern as compared with a non-interlocked pattern in which grafts can pop or come out as the grafts compete for space in a parallel arrangement.

This is another great example of quality that dictates quantity. Of course, the total number of grafts that are present is very important to determine the results but if they are mishandled and poorly distributed then the result can be far less than desirable. Only when a surgeon slows down and takes his time to make sites in a careful and deliberate fashion (rather than through rapid fire action) can the principle of interlocking be rigorously adhered to with all of the attendant benefits for a patient who receives that level of attention

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